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Some people are having difficulty with finding themselves alone and are tempted to return to someone who they are much better off without. What advice would you give?

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  1. Being alone and learning to do things on my own, paying bills, car repairs, ect, was hard in the beginning. With practice, I’ve learned I CAN DO IT. I have found new friends that are far better people than the friends I was ALLOWED to associate with, when I was with my NX. It does take time to rebuild a new life but, well worth it! It has taken me 7 months to realize I’m far better off without him. I wouldn’t give up any of my healing just to go back and be destroyed again.

  2. OMG the pain is part of the journey to wellness. Being alone is your time for growth and self reflection. It’s not meant to be easy. It’s a time of grief. Why on earth would you delude yourself that returning to the person who ABUSED you would ever HEAL you. Ride it out. Get involved OUTSIDE of yourself. Do volunteer work. Develop interests. Develop your SELF. This is a temporary right of passage in the journey away from narcissistic abuse.

  3. You are in there somewhere the original you before they played their tricks on you… this alone time is to find yourself again. Knowledge is the best way read as much as you can about them, how they manipulated you , controlled you and basically stripped you bare of you… none of it was your fault that’s the first lesson second lesson is you will be better off without all their drama and meaness. Once you have come to terms with what’s happened you will be able to move on xxx take your time and love you xx

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