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  1. Not in the least…that would equate to being self aware. Narcissists can only see themselves as perfect. They cannot see their reflection…only their fabricated sham of a truth about themselves and the wirld exists!

  2. Yes. If they are called out on it, for sure. But beware, because they will rake in every person you know as a member of the Narcissist club, somehow justifying that it is thus OK to be one.

    1. The key is education. This disorder is a new word for most people. My mother was one and raised her four children to be so, but especially me. I have always known there was something wrong with her, and me but there was no word for it. Until now. And yes, I know I am. Thankfully God caused a chain of events to happen in my life that has changed alot of my symptoms. The rest… Education and awareness, and self acceptance, I am learning how to recover.

  3. Don’t want to comment on FB.
    Yes I do believe a narcissist does know what he/she is doing. I’ve seen way too much and had way too much done to me over the past 13 years of living in this situation. The person always manages to “hide” the abuse from others and does everything possible to make me appear crazy so no one will believe me when I’ve tried to seek help.

  4. When I was with my ex, around the time I started to figure out he was not who he claimed/appeared to be, he told me his ex-wife told him he was a narcissist. He laughed about it. He also would say how others accused him of being selfish, but selfish people don’t let other people live with them. In reality the people living with him were actually helping him out and he was using them too.
    Also, he once looked at me, used a kind of scary, serious tone and told me he is much smarter than people think, he sees and knows everything going on and just acts stupid to get away with things. That was around the time I started putting things together and got out of the relationship.

  5. My ex knew it wasn’t normal to have no ‘warm, fuzzy feeling’ if I hugged him, so he had an understanding that he’s not as he should be. On the other hand, it doesn’t bother him in the slightest and he’s actually quite proud of it, I think. But he wouldn’t like being ‘labelled’ as anything.

  6. I told the bastard what he was. But I would say like anything else, they would deny it, just like any other truth even if the evidence is laid right before their eyes. The live in a false world and believe their own lies. Their lies and denial are first and greatest unto themselves. At least most would never accept or admitt it to themselves.

  7. A man said to me, sounding incredulous & flabbergasted, that *two* women had told him he is a narcissist. Then he looked at me as if to say, “can you believe that?!’. When he left my home shortly afterward, I googled Narcissism….and that is when I realized who I’d fallen in love with. 12 bullet points in the article -all- matched up with his behaviors that had me confused and wondering about my own sanity. So no, they don’t think the term applies to them. They don’t see it at all, and while that is sad in and of itself, I had to deal with the reality of it Not remaining My problem. It was an excruciating reality to face.

  8. No, because they’ve convinced themselves that they re perfect. And they spend their whole lives creating a facade so that everyone else will believe they’re perfect too. Then the mask slips and you realize that you’re married to an unredeemable nut case, only the realization takes years. I despise narcissists!

  9. I think at some point they realise there is something wrong at least one could hope anyway.. However I’m not willing to stay in misery with one of ” hoping” they will see the light

  10. Yes they do…try turn people full of lies poor them..all thing they do for you .there so fake..never realize what they were got in relationship with them hoe evil they could be..got out relationship about 4 yrs ago best thing i every did…

  11. The one I dated, used heavy apologies when it benefited him. Would actually have moments of clarity and communicate to me about his faults. All part of the game. He always returned to a selfish self centered manipulive man. Zero ability to show compassion. All words, no consistency

  12. Some do and some don’t. According to H.G. Tudor, there are many kinds of narcissists, and the ones he calls higher level covert narcissists do know they are narcissists. These particular narcissists know they have NPD, and do not view it as a negative thing about themselves. Why would they? They feel they’re perfect, and the problem is with you, not them. All the other types of mid-range and lesser level narcissists don’t have a clue they have NPD.

  13. Not sure if they know they are narcissist “per se”, but they are pretty aware of the “tools” they use (gaslighting, silent treatment, etc) and they do not feel remorse, AT ALL. Maybe they don’t conceive themselves as narcissists but as perfect and above of average people.

  14. My older sister is a narcissist. I have been her target all my life. Finally I got wise after 50 years and I heard the word narcissist and googled it . OMG, it’s her! She is blocked so she can not contact me. I didn’t tell her where I have moved either! She does tell the whole family that it is me not her.

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