Not worthy of a response

Not worthy of a response

On Tuesday, I found out that my narcissist had been seeing someone else.  I immediately left.  He sent several texts telling me he thought my reaction was funny but wouldn’t explain or say anything else. Just silence.  It’s been a long few days being punished with silence and made to feel worthless and not even worthy of a response.  How do I pick up the pieces in the next few days?  How do I get my self esteem back and withhold the urge to contact him.

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  1. First, just breathe. You are going to make it through this. You are going to be okay. You are going to be brave, strong, and courageous.

    Do NOT contact him. Period.

    Narcs love the attention… and you are not going to give him that anymore. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of someone treating you like you are the amazing person that you are. You do not have to put up with someone who may be choosing someone else before you. You are worthy of being the first priority in someone’s life. Please just focus on yourself and your own worthiness in the coming days and weeks.

    Sweetie, you deserve better.

  2. Congratulations on breaking up with the narc. Don’t let him take any of your energy. Breathe, and visualize any energy of yours he is holding onto comes back to you. Then after a few breaths, visualize any of his energy in your space goes back to him. Clearly separate all your thoughts, emotions, and subtle energies from him. Your strength will come back immediately and he won’t know what hit him.

  3. I would say, thank you, at least now uiunhsve something almost tangeable to work with, this is a blessing in disguise, an actual perfect reason to get away, because we all know just being a narcissistic self absorbed no doubt abusive arse isn’t enough, those things for some reason are never enough, usually because you can’t tell if all those things are actual or he’s convinced you it’s all in your head, but infidelity, that’s great!!! I’d be jumping for joy, thank you I’d say, now I can go………………

  4. My therapist taught me that they compartmentalize things in their brain. So, his affair had “nothing” to do with you in his twisted brain. I hope that helps, it helped me realize it was time to go and stay away!

  5. Screw him!!!! He’s only texting and throwing shit up in your face because he wants to drive you crazy..He craves that type of attention. But please DO NOT LET HIM SEE YOU HURT. Smile even if it hurts, laugh like no one is around, just do not let him see no type of pain in your eyes. 14yrs I felt worthless until I remembered who I was before him. I was so thankful to the NEW BABY MAMA for having his second child. I’ve been in a better place since then. Narcissist are not worthy…Move on with your life and REMEMBER who you were before him

  6. Get and read a book called ‘ How he gets into her head’ by Don Hennessy. I still loved my narc even though I knew he was seeing other women. It seems irrational and it is really. But this book saved me. Total insight into how these guys work. In the mean time, you must keep busy with positive stuff. Get away if you can. He is trying to punish you even though he’s the one that’s done something terribly wrong. He will probably try to make that your fault. It’s absolutely not. Accept no excuses. Cheating is wrong. He knows that. He is only doing it to temporarily satisfy his insatiable craving for attention. He doesn’t care how this makes you feel. As has been said, he’ll be dying for you to react – craving it. If silence doesn’t work, he may start taunting you to try and force a reaction. And he will know what buttons to press that will hurt you most.
    You must become ‘grey rock’. Look the term up. Fascinating psychological term. I couldn’t believe there was actually a term for it. There is a better life that awaits you. It does not, and never will, include this guy.

  7. Go no contact forever. Go do some fun things, take a course in something, etc. He is not worthy of you and never will be.

  8. You’ve been provided with a beautiful ticket out. Be grateful – as nuts as that sounds. Walk around saying “thank you” in your head. No Contact. If your stuff is in his space, have a friend get it. No Contact means No Contact. He is sick, and he’s trying to “feed” off of your reactions. Starve him. Move on with your life, as painful as it is, right now. This is a dead-end and you have been provided with the slap in the fact needed to wake you up. Don’t miss the opportunity to focus back on YOU. His cheating is NO REFLECTION ON YOU – so stop right there with feeling worthless. And truthfully, what do you expect for a “response” from a narcissist who thinks your PAIN is funny? Girl, stop looking for anything there than what you just got – shit on. This isn’t about him or what he’s done now. This is about YOU and what you choose – self respect and moving on, or getting down in the gutter and playing in his sandbox. He’s incapable of anything more than what you’re experiencing. Grasp that FACT.

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