A dad who has had enough

A dad who has had enough

I had an ex that is spreading all kinds of lies that I’m a narcissist. She has several issues for one she has mental health issues an all sorts of other health issues. I’m going through a divorce and she started associating with the ex. And ex was telling her everything that happened throughout the whole marriage and started conspiring against me. So I started to realize what’s happening and then she started pulling away from me picking fights over nothing and not speaking for days not touching each other for days and then started accusing me of having an affairs.  Which I wasn’t and I started pulling away from her because she started threatening to kill herself and cursing my children and family members and threatening to physically harm people. And slandering my name and stalking my Facebook page she went as far as contacting all the females on my page and telling them I had Hepatitis C. Which is false I was tested and it was negative. And telling them that we were getting married and stuff like that. And to top it off she went as far as telling me she was pregnant and killed it and had it sucked out and buried it in my back yard. And the worst part of it was that my ex knew about the whole thing and didn’t come forward to authorities about it. And then they’re both talking about me to my children and making me out to be this monster. They cost me my job and pressed charges against me that was falsely accused. Attempted court. So now they’re working together on trying to ruin the rest of my life. And they’re just money hungry because the ex feels she deserves it for all the years we spent together. But the best part of the whole thing is that my ex-wife is having an affairs with my brother while I was at work providing a place for them to live and doing this in front of my child. I offered the ex-wife a large amount of money and pay all the bills and loans off so she wouldn’t have to disrupt my daughter’s life and she refused because I wouldn’t let my brother stay in the house. So she’s living in a trailer with him which is violating a court order. She took everything and cleaned out the bank accounts. And I tried several different times to stop it from going to court. And asked her to stop associating with Anne. She said she hadn’t spoke to her since I asked her not to.  But found out she lied and has been talking to her the whole time. And trying to convince everyone that I’m a narcissist. On your page so I just wanted to let everyone know that it’s not nice to slander someone’s name that has been nothing but trying to do the right thing for my daughter’s best interests. A dad that has enough of the abuse.  Thanks for sharing this

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  1. How does this post “provide information and support”? I have concerns right off the bat with this guy – from the first run-on sentence onward. To say that his ex- has mental and physical problems is a lot like what I read on other blogs about narcissism. The narc actually accuses the target of these very things – often because the narc has caused physical issues in the target through wearing the target down.

    1. What do.you know. She’s a danger to her self and others. They say the accuser is the one doing the cheating. Conspiring with ex wife. Fabricating false accusations. And her burying a divorce child In the back yard of a house and they both knew about it come on. She could get the fact I was done.

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