Why do they keep landing on their feet?

Why do they keep landing on their feet?

I’m now two years out of my 7 year marriage and I’m only just learning all this now from your page.  I had no idea there was even a term for this sort of behaviour let alone more than just my ex hubby out there.

He would drink a lot, take off for days on end come back as if it was my fault, scare all my friends away,  threaten me and my children, telling my kids he was going to cut my heart out and serve it to them on a plate.  The man was a nutter …

Although at the time, I saw past his bad points as every so often he was a great man.  Got local authorities involved and each and every time he came across as charming and wonderful and I was the one with the problem.  His family were constantly at logger heads with me accusing me of not letting him out (he was very rarely in) he twisted everyone’s head he met into thinking I was an insecure wreck.

The final crunch came when he took my son, who at the time was 6, hostage and thought he would just get away with bullying and tormenting him – I took us far away after that and alerted everyone possible to his actions … Again pulling wool over peoples eyes he cried pretend tears, “I love my kids, my kids are my world, I would never do that.”  This time I was made to look like a bitter twisted ex (he had already ran across the country and shacked up with a woman he met on a chat room and her 5 kids).

I took a step back .. Fed up of looking the mad one I filed my divorce which is going through.  He hasn’t bothered asking for access to his 5 kids in the last two years.  From what I hear he’s doing it all again with another woman and kids.  Not my place to tell her though what he’s like, she’s going to have to learn for herself.  This man has got on like this for the past 14 years (7 that I was married to him).

How do these people manage to keep getting away with it all?  When will people see them for what they are?
Why do they keep landing on their feet?

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