What happens if you call a narcissist out?

What happens if you call a narcissist out?

I adore your page!  I have a great question… how does the Narcissist feel if they are intoxicated?  Do their feelings change when they take an anti depressant as well?  Also, what happens if you call a Narcissist out…if you say you know all about them, that they are a loser and wimp etc.  Will that keep them away or the opposite?!  Thank you:)

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  1. What a great question, I don’t have the answe but would be very interested to hear what the answer would be.

  2. I’ve seen the alcohol issue first hand. It’s definitely worse. The bullying is intensified 10 fold. Calling out the narc is useless because they just turn it around to make you out to be the narc or bully, etc. I’ve never seen the issue of an anti-depressant in someone with personality disorders. That’s almost like an oxymoron, because you would think that a narc would think of themselves so far above and superior to the fact that they wouldn’t need an anti-depressant. That would be almost like an admission of guilt or of needing help of some sort. Just my two cents….

  3. We assume they have feelings like we do, when they are called on it they shift the blame to you, comments like you don’t communicate or you don’t know how to be partner. What do we empath do , we doubt, So surround yourself with friends, . I do timelines, try to find patterns. Book that might helps is Excuses Be Go one by Wayne Dryer .

    1. I agree with Martha.
      I’ve just shut them out (where at all possible)- I’m sure my name is mud, but it was before- so no difference there!

    1. I didn’t know there was such a thing!!!!
      He WAS A MONSTER! One night, the whites of his eyes were completely red. He actually looked possessed….

  4. Alcohol usually intensifies what a person already is. Example-If they have an arrogant personality,alcohol makes it worse. Narcissists often refuse medication or help as they dont see themselves as having a problem.To a narcissist, you and everyone around them is the issue.Some may be already on medication, but you have to remember, anti depressives treat depression not narcissism.They help keep a depressive person from flat lining.They dont change a persons behavior. Narcissism isn’t caused by depression,but a narcissist can be depressed.Calling out a narcissist is useless and will only invite an argument or retribution.

  5. When I told my husband I thought he was a narcissist he told me he knew, had been profiled as a hitler personality years before. He went on to say that he thought it a good thing as it made him strong. We have been apart 4 months after 30 years. The worse divorce and custody battle possible. He wants to completely destroy me and take everything from me. Fighting him when finally out of it and trying to seem reasonable to the courts so I’m not seen as alienating is tearing me apart. Which is what he wants.

  6. Interesting. When my narc drank in the early days of our relationship I do remember him being a bit “snarky” with his comments, but the good co-dependent me, always, always looking to excuse, etc., blah, blah, blah. Fast forward 18 years, done some pretty hard work in codependents anonymous and am growing into my own skin and confront this cheating, emotionally AND physically abusive, pathological liar with the b & w diagnosis of narcissism for his behaviors: he stormed out, told me I should leave the house, work on myself and BEG him for forgiveness (you seriously cannot make this sh*t up!) and then started a vicious smear campaign. In process of divorce, certainly didn’t move out and sure as hell didn’t beg for forgiveness. My God, what an EGO. Has abused and attacked every member of my family in an effort to get a rise out of me. Ho hum. I find a lot of people have seen through him over the years – those that are meant to will, those that aren’t, won’t. If they live at that vibrational level of darkness and deceit, it has nothing to do with me. Besides, I fully understand now, we are ALL just SUPPLY FOR THESE POOR SOUL-LESS CREATURES. I depend on spiritual work, therapy and my strong belief that I AM WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS to keep my head screwed on and heading in the right direction. His shame is all over his face, disguised as RAGE. Truthfully, I find more true empathy now for him, away from him. Far, far away from him. Getting further too!

  7. My ex (female) whilst a dangerous narc/psycho took citalopram for depression this DID help a lot, but we were in much earlier stages of the narcissist cycle just after the ‘courting’ period. It seemed to mellow her out a fair bit.
    Although, after a while she tried to say the pills were forced on her and that she pretend she took them, when in fact she gave up because she was pregnant! I am now going through the worst divorce / custody battle possible. The allegations coming in my direction are unbelievable, but luckily police and social care are seeing them for what they are.

  8. My narc ex was, is , and always will be an addict.
    He has taken his” bad things will never happen to me” attitude to the top!
    When I met him we spent a lot of time together.
    We somehow figured out how to spend every night together
    Even though we did not live together.
    I noticed his drinking, but was so blinded by his love bombing…
    That I swept it under the rug…
    Then we moved in together rather quickly… His…
    I love you and want to be your everything BS won me over…
    I got to see the true demon .. He drank daily.. Took pain meds and anti depressants… When I say he would drink daily… I kept count if his 80 proof
    Addiction .. He drank 6. 1/2 GALLONS of vodka in 27 days.
    He would be fun loving and nice.. Until about 4 drinks in… Then you were beneath
    Him… Then he would cry and say he was unhappy so I would beg him to not leave me…. Then he would pop a pain pill and sleep … Narc and alcohol, doesn’t make them feel normal… It makes them empowered…

  9. Well in our family busness my husbands brother in law would get drunk and call him up saying you sorry s. O b. You don’t know what you’re doing. It would go back and forth like that for a while then his sister would say we have got to get out of here you don’t know that you are doing. And they would take a butt load of cash and be gone for a week or so. And it would be me my husband and the one employee. Then they would come back. We were good till the next blow up. We did that for 6 years till sister divorced that guy and married his best friend who was way more fucked up then the first husband. That lasted 2 years. Now guess what we have the daughter of the fuck tards. And she is worst to me then her dads and her stepdad ever were.

  10. I called out my pregnant Ndaughter and her NHusband, for the last time. They threw me out (again, after begging me to come help, after he had alcohol induced psychosis and beat her and got thrown in jail, and banned from the Army base they live on.) She promised and so did the Sargeants that she needed me and he was gone for good. I waited 5 days to go, asking advice from all my contacts. I found out 8 days later she had plans to go see him, beg the judge to let him in the delivery room, and to let her go to his parents home in Jersey for Holidays. They granted it, I disagreed. I’m now on FINAL DISCARD from them and his family. No great loss, I cut them off a year ago. They are all Malignant Narcs/drug addicts, alcoholics. The Father is the Enabler. I ‘m no contact with birth family because of N father, mother, sister, brother, Grandmother, Aunt, just to name a few. Extreme abuse. Now to get it from them has triggered PTSD, Depression, and Fibromyalgia. I have been very sick for 2 months. I know I have to keep calm, NC and take care of myself. I will miss my Grandchildren. I do hope they find me one day, and I pray they are NOT like them. I just don’t see how it Can’t be passed down to them. The Army is transferring her to Colorado so they can deal with them. After I got done with my rant to the BRASS about them, he got banned and she got transferred. They should have thrown them out on their asses, but my husband begged me not to say that. He thinks they will try to come here. Soooo they will be free to drink, yell, scream, and beat each other in front of the kids in Colorado. I want to take the kids, I have court documents, but my husband thinks I would be in a NEW HELL if I go after the kids. They are her showpieces. He did the exact same thing to his first wife and kids. He abandoned them! My daughter paid for his divorce. What a loser. As they get older, they get WORSE.

  11. Drinking could bring out the worst in them in certain cases (esp. after a severe narcissistic injury) but a few drinks can actually be beneficial as they might be able to drop that super annoying “look at me i am so great” thing they got going on for a little while.

    Calling out a narc is absolutely not in your best interest, unless you are looking to start a war. These people will do anything to avoid feelings of shame, and in such cases will not think twice about throwing you under a bus.

    Be careful and guard your boundaries at all times. Detachment is key.

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