What can I do?

What can I do?

I have chronic fatigue, chronic back pain, depression, stuck with meds I cannot stop. I came back in the house of my narcissistic parents that is isolated in a little village. I cannot drive, they ruin my mental health. I called to the town hospital but it is full, don’t know what to do, feel like I’m trapped with no support. What can I do? Sos suicide just listen but don’t do anything else. I don’t want suicide anymore. I want help but nobody seems to care, my parents have all the family in their bag. I have no vital energy anymore. What can I do?

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  1. There is help out there don’t give up hope , go to your doctors and tell them how you are feeling they will put you in the right direction . Stay strong and tell yourself this won’t be forever … it took me years to get away from my ex I lost a lot including my eldest daughter I had no family to go to , I was put on medication also as I had a nervous breakdown, every day I tell myself you can do this and I get stronger , I hope things get better for you .

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