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  1. It’s difficult to know how severe a NPD person may physically behave when their partner leaves, but the fact that you’re wondering about your safety brings up that you’ve probably experienced warning signs about your safety.

    It would be best to seek help from a licensed therapist with experience in NPD who could help you recover both mentally and physically with available resources to form a safe exit plan.

    Trying to rely on just family or friends is too risky and too limited an option as the characteristics, the setup, the actual system a NPD person functions within has all been orchestrated by the NPD and the NPD will have family and friends who will stay as enablers. It’s easier for the enablers to stay in their roles rather than risk the wrath of the NPD.

    Typically the NPD does his/her raging when there aren’t any witnesses. And they deny the truth of what happened, they flat out lie. That’s why it’s difficult to explain to the other people in your circle of family and friends and have them believe you and have them grasp the magnitude of the problem. But you who goes through it has seen the worst of the NPD person and if you have a sense that they can be so unhinged that your life could be threatened it’s best to seek professional help.

    Since narcissists can be men or women the advice of “contact a women’s shelter” is limited and does not apply in all situations. NPD women can be just as controlling, harmful, and threatening as NPD men can be with their significant other. Unfortunately there’s still an assumption that it’s a woman who needs help leaving a NPD man. There are both men and women who have NPD mates that are women, and there are men who have NPD mates who are men. There needs to be more efforts in removing the stigma and increasing awareness and support for both women and men who are dealing with a NPD partner.

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