This chapter is over

This chapter is over

Hello, I had my divorce trial against my narcissist the other day. Of course he lied in court. I’m grateful my attorney had all the evidence to refute his claims. The judge saw through his performance as well. She granted me sole custody. He has one day a month of supervised visitations, has to pay all of my attorney’s fees and back pay on child support. We can only communicate through my family wizard. I still feel something inside me saying he will still try something and feel terrified because of all of the past abuse. But I would like you to post this anonymously to please let your followers know that these evil narcs are not all as smart as they think and they don’t always win. He was also convicted of a crime he committed against me… I prayed long and hard… This has taken years… But my divorce is final and this chapter is over.

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  1. Well done. I
    I’m in England and at the point of sorting out overnight visits for the children. He has lied at every opportunity, but my barrister has pointed out these “inconsistencies ” in court. He had the cheek to claim I won’t let the children stay overnight as it reduce the maintenance payments- he’s not paying any!.
    I too am waiting for a criminal trial against him and I pray that the jury that he has chosen to go before will see him for what he is. St Jude (patron saint of lost causes) is my friend now!
    I hope to be like you soon xxx We can get past this – remember the best revenge is a life lived well – we can do that!

  2. My ex took me to court to make me reveal my address so he could visit our son. I told the judge if he revealed my address I would move out within the hour. My ex was so enraged he barged past my barrister on the way out and my barrister actually gave me a lift home, something he said he had never done for a client, but in this instance he felt I was at risk from my ex. It is an awesome thing to be believed over a narcs lies, I was so grateful to the judge for seeing through his ‘charm’ and ‘resonableness’, i have been No Contact for 15 years now, this BOOK is over!

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