Some do see through the lies

Some do see through the lies

I want to put this out there for spouses going to court with a narcissist.

I went in wary because I heard how the judge buys their bullsh*t. Well not in my case.  I answered my questions honestly.  He got up there and he didn’t answer anything directly.  It was, to the best of my knowledge, and if that’s what it says there.

After a while the judge rolled his eyes.  Later my attorney asked him about dividends he cashed out.  He got $90,000 and he won’t pay $5 for his daughter’s medicine.

Anyway he does this so it looks like now he makes less money.  My attorney says, ‘So you put it in other investments to make more money?’  Indignant he answers, ‘No!’  Attorney chucked and asks, ‘So you invested so you’d make less money?!’  Well no…

Made a complete ass out of him.  Hahaha. So some people do see through all the evasion and lies.  He’s such a d***.


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  1. That’s awesome! I’m headed to court today so the timing couldn’t have been better to read this!

  2. My narcissist ex friend was getting very bad harassing and slandering me over a number of years so I sought a protection order. Both judges that attempt to mediate the situation mentioned they knew who the problem was after having to deal with them and even their own lawyer apparently told them not to make a fool out of themselves but move on. No one was fooled except the Marc themselves who honestly believes they’ve never done a thing wrong.

    1. My narc got a bs tpo on his second attorney he is using the judicial system to keep my mouth shut. He’s a DDS and doesn’t want his personal skeletons to fall out. He left me for my trainer broke her 30 year marriage up I can’t shake him he keeps lying I didn’t do anything

  3. Well I’m pleased they saw through him, I’m going through a whole lot of extreme stuff with my ex so this gives me hope , he’s already postponed one court date and is now trying to liquidate one of the businesses we run together whilst cutting any money off I was getting and he’s setting up a new company doing the same business without me!!! I shall still go to court expecting the worse!!!

  4. So when my Narc X left, he decided that filed for custody of our daughter. The trial was 7 hours long with out any breaks. The guardian ad litem was 100% on his side and not the side of my daughter’s, which she should have been, and she proceeded to do all of the questioning. My X was never put on the stand and his attorney never uttered a word. I was put on the stand after 6 hours of listening to all the BS that he had fed the Guardian Ad Litem, basically being abused. For an hour, she questioned me, and as instructed by my attorney, I would look at him, pause, then if he didn’t object, I’d answer the question. Of course my attorney objected to everything that I was asked. Finally the judge asked my attorney not to object to the last question. The judge turned to the Guradian ad litem and said “You have one more question, make it a good one.” Judge turned to me and said “please answer her final question.” She then proceeded to ask me “did you in fact place a No Trespassing Sign in your yard after your X left the premises? ” I was about to answer when the judge put his hand out to stop me and said “I’m not going to allow her to answer that question, I’m going to answer that.” He then proceeded to say, “If everyone whom put out a no tresspassing sign was and unfit parent, we would all be in trouble. Now I have sat here for 7 hours and watched as you picked the feathers off this woman and I am yet to see any evidence that she is an unfit mother. She will retain full custody with visitation to the father.” I could hardly believe it. I was vindicated that day!! We walked out of the court house and there stood my X laughing and joking with his attorney. I collapsed and my attorney took my arm and lead me across the street. See, it’s not about doing what’s right with a Narc, it’s all about control and power. That trial was never about doing what was in the best interest of our daughter to him, it was about controlling/hurting me…Well, NO MORE!!

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