Don’t play with fire to prove it burns

Don’t play with fire to prove it burns

Just thought I’d share my experience.

A month ago I left my what I know now as narcissistic partner.  I’d had too much…felt absolutely insane with the things he’d put me through despite him making me believe that it was my fault.  I booked a flight one night and left the next day arriving back with my family on the other side of the country.

First off he was all very, “I miss you.  I love you”.  Then I found out 2 days after I’d left he was with someone else.  Great love?  Soul mate?  Ha!

So I went No Contact after a friend had advised me all she knew about narcissistic people in relationships from her experience.

I studied and researched.  Crammed my mind with information about this disorder.  All whilst dealing with the crippling anxiety and loss of identity, and the absolute heartbreak of losing a ‘person’ I loved with all my heart.

So…curiosity got the cat.  I broke No Contact.  Partly because I didn’t believe it and wanted to give it another chance, and partly to see whether he would run through the cycle.

After 2 weeks…love bombing to unbelievable levels, slow creation of doubt and sly criticism, cutting off the insane affection, gas lighting…and then tonight marked the night that proved to me….with the nasty discard.  I had done nothing wrong.  And all the while I knew what was going on.  The most interesting thing is it was all played out via phone calls and text from 4000kms away.  And despite me knowing I’m still so heartbroken again!

Moral is: Once you know you know!  Don’t play with fire to prove it burns!

One thought on “Don’t play with fire to prove it burns

  1. the female is worse..she uses sex to love bomb you and then
    sex to leave you for a new supply, blaming you, emasculating you and telling you you’re not a good lover. She is cruel in this abusive wounding…so abusive that I wonder if I can have sex again, love again, trust again.

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