Should I run?

Should I run?

Looking for advice….have a friend who is very charming and likeable by everyone but I’ve started noticing some things about him that concerns me…..blames all his failed relationships on the other person, constantly makes fun of others for the same things he does, when confronted with a problem he tries to make it look like it’s my fault and when you do get an apology its “I don’t think I did anything wrong, but sorry.” Makes comments that previous women still want him, at times comes off very arrogant like he can do whatever he wants. Should I run before it’s too late?

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  1. I think I know him… Sounds exactly like my ex.. Mr charming at first but the tell tale signs start to show after a while. I foolishly ignored my gut feeling. But eventually I realised I was being used & manipulated. All I meant to him was A roof over his head ( free of charge) his bills paid etc etc etc… A real con man & sponger. So much more I could say but all I’ll say to you is….. By simply asking the question ‘should I run? Seems to me you already know the answer… Listen to your gut… It will never let you down… People like that never change…their controlling behaviour just gets worse… Good luck

  2. It’s only a matter of time before what you notice he’s doing outwardly becomes your personal nightmare. If you really like the guy, maybe stick around until he gives you a reason but watch carefully. He’s sounding very much like a narcissist.

  3. TBH. Girl….. You should run!!! It starts off innocent enough but trust me, it gets to where you start to think it’s you and your the problem but truth is, it’s not. Save yourself.

  4. Get out as fast as you can. Go grey rock immediately. If you don’t know what that means google it. Strict Grey Rock and No Contact. The red flags are waving!

  5. He does not sound like the healthiest of emotional people to be around much. For your own emotional and mental health I offer the opinion of putting space in between the two of you if open communication is of no use or does not work.
    Protect you and take care of you always.

  6. All sounds very familiar … you are describing a narcissist , it can only get worse!!! Run and never look back!!

  7. Yes ,RUN !! sounds like he only sees you as an object, if he is like that in public he is gonna be worse behind closed doors .

  8. I was there st one time. My advise… run like hell and don’t look back. You’ll save yourself years of heartache and then some.

  9. Not one thing mentioned is a healthy behavior. Run run run and don’t look back. Believe people when they show you who they are and believe them when they tell you their shitty attributes. He will treat you same. You’re not going to be the one to change him. They don’t change. Move on ASAP

  10. Run, do not walk. Do not look back. Never allow or be intimidated into feeling sorry for this piece of shit

  11. Definitely run!!! Life is to short to waste time. Even if he isn’t a full blown narcissist, nothing about what you described is healthy. If he is like this early on, it will only get worse over time. Get far away from him…now!! Before you get sucked in!

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