Please please help me, I feel like I’ve no where to

Please please help me, I feel like I’ve no where to

Please please help me, I feel like I’ve no where to turn everything has gone wrong I’m scared I want to give up. I’m pregnant 9 weeks. My first midwife apt is today but I’ve got a big cut down my face. How am I meant to turn up like that? I feel like the minute anyone asks me if I’m ok I’m going to break down. I’m so scared I’ve no money. He has taken it. I can’t even bring myself out of bed now and stop crying. I just want it to end. How can I bring a life into this?

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  1. It’s ok. He has done this to you and he will keep on doing it to you. You have no choice now but to make plans to leave. Try to get yourself out of bed and go to see the midwife, if you have family go to them straight after that just take a few of your personal belongings and go. worst this is going to get with him if you stay. He is a bully and will keep on bullying you. You will have a beautiful little baby that will keep you busy. If you go now by the time the baby comes along he will have left you alone for as long as he knows he can do this to you he will. God bless you and your baby love and hugs xx

  2. You have to leave , for your babies sake as well as your own!
    His abuse will never stop , in fact it will get much worse. If you have to go to a shelter , do it ! You’re living for 2 now ! You can do this ! I’ll be praying for you and your baby.

  3. Please leave. Don’t let the baby be raised in a home with a narcissistic. What he does to you he will do to the baby. Praying for you. ❤️

  4. Go to the appointment. Take every single step like its all you have to do. Think to yourself, all I have to do is pull the blankets off myself. Then do the next step, you dont even need to shower or look in the mirror. Get dressed and go to the appointment. Just put one foot in front of the other. Do the next right thing and just keep doing it. Just remember that YOU HAVE TO LEAVE! Make plans and make the plans the only thing you care about. I had no money, no job, and was totally isolated. I was surprised afterwards to learn how many people knew and were worried about me AFTER I left. I felt so alone. I still do. I still know that nobody really knows what I had gone through. You did not cause that mark on your face and the mark is nothing compared to the marks on your psyche.
    You dont have to act tough, I became ridiculously addicted to tranquilisers because I lived in fear never knowing what would happen the next minute. I spent too much time in the relationship because I had no money and no job. But I was making frantic plans to get out. I finally got out. I bit my tongue and stayed until I could run because I had nowhere to run to. I spent nights sleeping barefoot in the bush, or at the washing lines until I got out. You need to get out. You have to work at that every day all day. You need to find that hidden strength, and not give up. You need to know its ok to cry and to break down. So what who sees. I lied a lot about why I have 5 broken front teeth, the cut on my forehead, broken windows etc. I know you have the strength to take the next step. Do the next step. Just one step. Keep walking I know what it feels like. Snowball yourself into recovery. You can do it. You are supported even though you are feeling more alone than you ever have. Go for it. Be gentle on yourself and keep your mind clear. Leave the emotions in your heart. Towards the light honey x

  5. look up your nearest women’s aid centre, contact them, they will help you. They will give you somewhere to go. Do not ever contact him, pretend he is dead. Remember, he will hurt your baby too.

  6. I feel like this is what I deserve I’ve brought it on myself I got out once he got sent to prison for hurting me, I could finally breathe again as time went on I felt like my old self again id forgotten that horrible feeling that I felt daily! He got back in contact when he got out and I thought il be in control this time I won’t fall for any of it again but I was so wrong and this time things are worse. I feel empty and lost inside like I’ve got nothing else to give that no matter what I’m always failing in life. I’ve been of sick from work since Feb now with depression I’ve gain over 2 Stone in that time. I feel like when I look in the mirror I don’t even know who I am anymore. My family have had enough because they don’t understand why I went back and if I’m honest I don’t either this isn’t love how can I love someone who treats me so bad. My mental state is just a mess I can’t see a way out of this. I’m ready for this to be over I know it’s the right thing to do its now dealing with the aftermath that I’m really struggling with. Being alone with my thoughts I’m at risk of losing my home I’ve been financially abused which means I’m on the last warning with my house my top up payment was meant to be paid Wednesday he promised he would make this for me that’s why I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut all week and not answer back but he didn’t they have agreed to wait till Saturday as he swore blind he wouldn’t let me down and then last night happens and now I’m a 100 pound short this is my house not his so he returned to his mum’s without a care in the world while I’m sat worried sick hurt scared with no where to turn. I’m trying to keep my stress levels down for the baby I’ve already been in hospital twice as I’ve had pains am bleeds. I just feel like everything is getting on top of me. For me to to lose my house will just be the icing on the cake. Please help

  7. Run, run, run. I am a child raised but a narcissist and I can’t understand why my mother chose to stay with my abusive father and watch all her children suffer. Recently I asked her why she stayed, her response was, I had know choice. You do have a choice, go now before your innocent child is effected.

  8. Go to your midwife appointment. Take nothing but the clothes on your back and your wallet. Do nothing out of the ordinary. Tell the midwife her you are being abused at home. She will get immediate help for you. You are not the first woman to be in this situation. DO NOT GO HOME. Do not go anywhere alone. When you get to the woman’s shelter, STAY THERE. You are stronger than you think. You must keep yourself and your child safe. I’m chanting for you.

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