My full support system is deceased

My full support system is deceased

Can you ask a question to see if anyone has advice for when you’re stuck because you have children, my full support system is deceased and I am a stay at home mom.  Basically, stuck and afraid to leave my children, also afraid to tell him to leave.  He is absolutely unpredictable and very intelligent with a lot of tenacity.  Just wondering if anyone has advice for this situation?  Thank you.

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  1. I am so sorry you are feeling stuck ….. YOU ARE NOT ……. you will protect your children and yourself from this man ….. you will start today by first finding out where your local woman’s shelter is. Remember….. its one step at a time. Being at at home mom probably also means that he has control of the cash …. start small but start stashing some away …. a couple of dollars here and there really adds up. Be patient…. this did not happen overnight and unless your life is in immediate danger from this man you will not leave him overnight. Being methodical in your plans shows you are not rash or crazy which he will accuse you of ….YOU HAVE CONTROL OF THIS. Your support system that you thought was dead is not it is just changed from what you think it was. DO NOT GIVE UP !!!!!! If he can fake it SO CAN YOU !!!! You got this !!!!! One day at a time …… think the tortoise and the hare <3

  2. I was in the same boat. Both parents died and then older sister disowned me after…I had no one in the world since he scared off my friends. We split up but lived as roommates so I had started dating and only got him out when it got serious with my new boyfriend and he was eager to move in together. Basically my ex’s fear of the new man finally got him to leave. Shitty way to do it but my ex refused to leave and he’d have these awful tantrums and he was really scary when he was mad.

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