My attorney is worse than useless

My attorney is worse than useless

Hello, I was hoping you could post this message on Facebook, I don’t know what else to do.

I filed papers to divorce my narc husband in August.  We were out of town with family since I have no money, and he made sure I wasn’t able to work or go to school. We were forced to return a few days ago by a judge who has bought everything he has told her (that I’m neglectful, that I’m an alcoholic, that I attacked him etc.)  Despite several sworn documents from myself, our marriage counsellor and a witness about the way he has abused myself and our small son.  The fact that I stayed home with our child for almost his entire life was ignored, and he has been granted half custody.

I found out yesterday that he has moved people into the house that we bought together without my knowledge or consent.  I found out from the neighbours that it is a new girlfriend, her child, and a renter.  He refuses to answer any questions about the people in my house, who will be living with our son.  He will not tell me anything about the childcare our son will be in, or whether or not the people living there have records.  My attorney is worse than useless, and I am terrified of what will happen to our son living in that house for long periods of time.  Any advice would be incredibly helpful.

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  1. I wish I had something for you other than a hug. In my case, I found the legal system broken as they do not recognize that a diagnosis of narcissim, sociopath and other untreatable disorders really mean to children. Tale care of yourself. Provide a safe place for your child to come home to because when with him, it’s crazy making and hard for them to understand why 2 homes are so vastly different. I used visitation weekends to take care of myself in ways I could not during the normal work, home of being both Mom & Dad as the primary. Back to the attorney…you can attorney shop yourself silly. I pray you find the best you can for these circumstances because you will need her/him. I had a female judge that always sided with him. I lost everything paying attorney and experts over the course of the past 15 years and finally lost my son via allienation that these people are pros at. So chart your future wisely and secure your own oxygen mask. I did neither and will pay the rest of my life for not taking care of my fiture a higher priority.

  2. Hang in there. If you have enough money you can try to hire a new attorney. I went through same thing and people said to get a new attorney but no one wanted to put up the money it would have taken to hire a new one. The retainers can be really expensive. I stuck with my attorney and he won me full legal and physical custody. I had the same thing happen to me where judge sided with their dad. I traded every penny and more to get custody of my kids. I am broke and will most likely never recover but I have my kids and they were worth giving him every penny. Just know the judge made a bad decision and keep fighting. Narcissists love money and power. That makes them powerful but it can also be their downfall in losing their kids. The kids are the most important thing. I am so sorry you have to go through this.

  3. Find a ‘Pitbull’ lawyer – It will be worth it. – If the house is half yours, then your ex. has to buy your half and pay you, plus maintenance. – I don’t know why you left the matrimonial home, but half of everything is yours too – Good luck.

  4. She probably left the matrimonial home for the same reason I did…..he refused to leave and screamed at her every day to get the f*ck out and made her life a living hell for several months until she couldn’t take it anymore. i went through three lawyers. None could help me, they just took my money and did nothing, because he had bribed the judge. I lost everything I owned, everything I purchased with my income during the last 25 years, even things that were given to me, like my grandparents furniture. At 53 years old, I was living out of a client’s van I borrowed while his fat ass sat in our house. He took and hid everything he wanted and destroyed just about everything else, took all of the money and cancelled my credit cards on joint accounts. Nobody ever did anything to him. I should have just run, I knew I should, but everyone advised against it, as it would jeopardize my rights and I would piss off the judge. So I was dragged through the courts, he tried to have me thrown me in jail twice. I live in Williamson County Texas. I don’t know where you are, but I would have been better off just up and running.

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