More harm than good

More harm than good

I’m wondering if I’m the only one that went for counselling¬†and left the office feeling more harm was done to me, than good.

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  1. Yes. After 3 months the only thing we’ve truly discussed are my shortcomings and what I’ve done to improve. Never delving Into her issues. If I try, I pay the price when we leave the appointment.

  2. I have a great counselor! Right off, from the first visit, she pegged my husband. She told me that he will never change. His charm is when he wants something, when he doesnt, he has affairs, goes to whores, lies, blame game, calls me names,, says I am yelling, I get the silent treatment, etc…..he hid all this for 12 years until the last year. Now he lives with his Mom in a different state because of a job. I am going to see an attorney to see what my options are. He has got us so far in debt. Good luck to everyone!

  3. I think you need a new therapist. If you have spent three months just discussing your issues, and your therapist allows that, he/she is not qualified. Therapists are people, too, and some of them, just like anyone else, are clueless. Don’t be intimidated by the letters after his/her name. You have a right to be heard.

  4. I am healing from years of counseling with professional and pastoral counseloring. The most harmful conclusions have been it is my fault; it is “long siffering”; just accept him the way he is. In between counseling we looked at depression and even early stage dementia.

    This is a mental illness that is difficult to to treat. The person doesn’t take any responsibility for their own behavior. They can maintain an amazing social self and not have any truly intimate relationships. No emotional connections.

    The Narssisstic and Emotional Abuse Facebook has provided me with the best understanding of Narssisstic Sociopath behaviors and helping me see very late this relationship will not be restored short of a miracle. This mental illness takes a toll on many families and I believe we need more professionals to be looking for the key and revealing signs of this illness.

    I could not get someone to believe me, see me or hear me .


  5. I was told to just ignore his behavior. How can I ignore him when he yells at me in public, When he is mad he takes his granddaughter to the event instead of me. To ignore him is saying how you treat me is ok. He would ignore me for days. Refuse to answer my text. The counselor never told him he needed to change his behavior,

  6. I too have sought personal counseling hoping to heal, I was told by two different counselors that they (induvidually)were there to help people with moderate problems, and that the problems I am suffering are too severe. One of these helpers also ran an anger management group (what I had asked for) that he thought wasn’t right for me. Following these suggestions led me to a woman with a PhD who said she could definitely help me, two visits later I had to ask for appointment rescheduling, to no avail, as a matter of fact no answer, no return calls, nothing. I tried another counselor, who I felt I could indeed develop a healthy discourse with appropriate understanding and also one who could challenge me to grow. Today he told me to ignore my ex poof like that. I felt like I hadn’t even been heard, I am asking him to teach me to poker face, to help me to put on a face that cannot be so easily read. It’s been over a year since I drew a line and stood my ground. I am so overwhelmed by sociopathic abuse, it’s like oily sludge that won’t wash off, gets all over everything, how does does this dubious ex find the time to pursue anyone who dares to be my friend? It’s all so unbelievable. I didn’t think a counselor would rescue me, I am my own hero, if I could just find myself.

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