I wish other people would see the truth

I wish other people would see the truth

I was the victim of two rather vindictive narcissist personalities who are sadly still trying to tear whole communities apart.  Your page answered so much of what I already knew.  I just wish that other people would see the truth too before any more damage is done.  I went to the authorities who did nothing. They are still doing nothing.  I went to court and my innocence was proven but the damage was done.  My work was sabotaged by the couple and others in private messages and further slanderous attacks which resulted in loosing opportunities to support myself and my family.  Could you please give me any advice on how to deal with this as I want to return home and set up a new wonderful career which will help myself and my family through very difficult times?  I am concerned those responsible will create yet another path of thorns as there seems little can be done to bring their true characters to the light.  The post these people shared received over 17,000 shares and I was threatened without regard for my children by complete strangers.  The whole post and all the private messages and conversations they created were complete lies.  It seems to me such a shame that other people are so gullible and so full of hatred themselves!  Anyway I’m sure you must get many responses and actually that saddens me because it’s such a beautiful world if people would see through the ugliness of distorted minds and sad hearts.  Thank you

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  1. The same thing is happening to me right now. I have a case of harassment and a protection order. I still have to go to court and have to face this jerk. By the way, he claimed to love me. Now he’s trying to ruin my life. Pray for me.

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