Is this common?

Is this common?

How many of you, after surviving a relationship with a narcissist, have experienced a loss of (spiritual) faith? My lifelong faith in God is something I never thought I would lose hold of, and after an 11 year marriage to a narcissist, and a successful escape, it is gone. I wonder if this is common?

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  1. I had an opposite experience. I found myself being spiritually led prior to realizing that I was in an abusive relationship with a Narcissist. It was my spiritual awakening that allowed for clarity into my relationship. I was being led to all sorts of truths that otherwise would not have happened had I not starting showing myself love and through that I found my spiritual connection stronger than I have ever felt. I leaned into that and trusted for the first time that I was being guided and allowed for that to happen. I’ve now been separated for 3 years and still processing the damage that was done over 16 years of marriage. I was never taught to love myself and when I started doing that God showed up in ways that left my mind blown! Keep the faith and learn to love yourself for that is where you will find that God’s been along. Much love and light!

    1. This was my experience as well! God is my strength and refuge and He has proven to me the unconditional love that I did not receive from my mother.

  2. I get where you are coming from. So many years of believing and trusting for a miraculous change of heart. So many disappointments, let downs, and realization that no one is coming to save you. I’ve been struggling with this…but also trying to see how the trauma I’ve endured changed and grew me in ways I couldnt have otherwise. I’m trying to reclaim and rebuild faith but its been difficult.

  3. Omg yes. I had faith my whole life. Been seperate 9 years now. 8 of it fighting in court. And i havent been able to figire why i am feeling far from God. I held my faith through a lifetime of struggles. Now i feel lost.

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