Is he messing with my head?

Is he messing with my head?

I’m in a relationship that when I go to his, I’m listening to other women’s names under his breath.  When I ask him about it he denies that he’s said any thing. What do I do?  He calls them and every thing but still denies it.   It’s in my head.  Is he messing with my head or something?

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  1. Mine muttered in my ear drunk recently that his ex fell open and split her head open because she was jiggly from having sex with him, promptly within seconds passed out then denied it when I tried to address it. Screams at me if I walk into the room when he’s on the phone with her also. Has also set it up that I’m not allowed to bring her name up because I’M holding onto old shit. He knows exactly what he’s doing, creating chaos where there doesn’t have to be any and making you feel insecure and gaslighting you. Be well. I wish you the best.

  2. Yes!!! He’s a ridiculous immature person and clearly has issues with respect. You deserve to be treated in the best way possible. Please don’t allow yourself to be around men that behave this way towards you. (I was with my narcissistic ex for 19 years. I left 2.5 years ago – life is amazing!)

  3. The first sign for me that I was in an abusive relationship was looking up his behaviours on google by asking ‘Is my partner doing things on oirpose to wind me up?’ I remained with him for another year as the crazy making intensified.
    So the mere fact that you’re asking such a question is indicative that he’s gaslighting the hell out of you. For your own sanity, self respect and safely. Leave him.

    1. Beth this is exactly my story. I never heard of Narcs until I googled all the strange behavior. Stayed another year. I am now 6 months out and life is getting better every day. It wasn’t easy, but it is worth it..

  4. Get. Out. Now. He’s crazy, w/n narcissist. Don’t make this shit your “new normal” because it worsens in both darkness and intensity.

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