I’m struggling with my feelings

I’m struggling with my feelings

My narcissistic mother has just suddenly passed away. I’m struggling with my feelings and not entirely sure how to grieve. I’m obviously upset but how do I deal with such conflicting emotions when I’m also feeling relief, anger at the ‘ no closure’ over the 25 plus years of abuse but still mourning the loss of a mother I still loved regardless. Thanks

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  1. First, give yourself permission to feel all the emotions. Even the hurtful ones. Cry. It is good for you. Then write her a letter. Spill it all. Write about the hurt and anger. The love and longing. Hold nothing back. It may take several days or weeks to complete. But when it is done go someplace that is special to you or her. Someplace that you feel connected to or at peace. Then give the letter back. Place it in the water or throw it over the cliff or put it on a branch. Or burn it in the flames of a healing fire. As you watch it go let her go. She is now a part of your past. You choose your future. No guilt. Just freedom to be who you want. And do what you want. You have a future and a hope. Look forward not back.

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