He keeps messing with me

He keeps messing with me

He just some how keeps messing with me. He’s had me blocked on Facebook since early November and I was notified today by a friend of a couple of songs that he shared on Facebook. The songs would indicate that he’s missing me. After a couple of hours thinking about it I decided to see if he unblocked me. And sure enough, he did. He wants me to see them. I instantly got a nauseous, shaking, and heart racing to my body. Long story, but no matter what, I can not message him since there’s a no contact order between us. So, I think that the hardest part for me is that there was no closure to our break up. I know that I wouldn’t even go back to him even if it was an option. There’s no trust and he has hurt me so much. Even his family talks to me still and tells me how he’s mean to me. When we were together his 24 year old daughter stood up for me serval times. Very rarely do your step kids/step moms have the kind of relationship that her and I had. She always introduced me as her mom. I’m sick wondering what he’s going to do next. I have even been considering moving to the other side of the country because of him and his lies. I just need away from him.

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  1. you need to tell your friends and everyone around you that you don’t want to hear about him anymore. Its also a bad idea that you still keep in touch with his family because they just keeps you in contact with him thru them. He will eventually get them to turn against you too. Maybe moving is a good idea. I moved to florida from new England to get away from my ex and his family.

  2. It’s part of the game narcissists play. Apparently, no one else will put up with his crap, so he’s turning back to you. He knows what buttons to push with you; he knows what to say to win you. It’s the ones he used to get you in the first place.
    In no way should you consider ANY contact with him, even through friends. Rise above it. Become the person God knows you are—not what your abuser lowers you to.

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