I want to confront this issue

I want to confront this issue

Hi there, thank you so much for the amazing page and community you’ve put together.  I’ve just recently realized that my partner is abusive and narcissistic.  She pays for my existence and I’m sure uses that sway to abuse me.  Do you have any resources that are like ‘Just because you pay for someone doesn’t mean they’re your punching bag?’  I want to confront this issue, but first I want to truly convince myself that it’s not my fault.  I’m still in the headspace of feeling like it is.  Thank you so much for your attention to this.

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  1. When you agreed to someone else ‘paying for your existence’ you made yourself dependent on them. If you can, find a way to support yourself and provide for yourself and take back your power.

    Personal autonomy is one of the requirements for self respect. Financial dependence on someone else leads to resentments and control in a relationship – an uneven balance of power. Regardless of how your partner behaves towards you the only person who will treat you best is yourself.

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