I couldn’t bear to lose my kids

I couldn’t bear to lose my kids

I’ve a million reasons to leave my wife…absolute raging control freak but my kids are what keep me from going.  I know courts look favourably on kids staying with their mother.  She’s smart and doesn’t show anybody outside our home what she’s really like.  I couldn’t bear to lose my kids.  Any advice out there?  My youngest is 8.  I don’t know how I’m going to put up with this for another 10 years.

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  1. Disclaimer: This is a TRIGGER for me but here goes….Courts are to do what is in the best interest of the minor child period! Maybe you should start some counseling for you and your daughter so that you can express some of the tactics that are being used against you. Your daughter will have her own counseling where she can also express herself. I was a child of an Narc mother and I told people all of the time what was going on but no one would listen. Society has changed, they are listening. Seems that you have been convinced that you don’t stand a chance at getting custody of your daughter or at getting away from the abuse. Think about this, what are you teaching/telling your child if you stay? How will she ever understand why you, her father, did nothing to protect her from her mother’s abuse? Your job as her father is to PROTECT your daughter.

    I don’t understand why my father stayed. When I was 14 I asked him why he stayed with my mother and his reply was “because I love her!”. WOW!! So that’s what love is? Being beaten physically? Told how useless you are? How she wished she would have aborted me? If my dad would have taken a stand against my mother and her abuse, it would have shown me that I am worthy of more than I was getting. Instead, he stayed, I left at 16 and went out into the world which was a lot less scary than what I lived in at home.

    Start building a case against her by getting some help for you and your daughter. They can testify for you in court and in a couple years, your daughter can make her own decision where she wishes to reside.


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