I can’t let my mental health suffer any more

I can’t let my mental health suffer any more

I have a narcissistic mother. Always been that way since I was 15. Criticises,┬áput downs, pulls me down to my sons etc. She is on her own. I am trying to pull away from her now the boys are older but I do love her still as she is my mother but I can’t let my own mental health suffer anymore . Many thanks x

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  1. You put into words exactly what I’m feeling at this very moment. You love your love mom, but she takes your love for granted, and then, takes advantage of that love. Stay Strong.. you’re not alone.. and it’s ok to distance yourself from someone so toxic. Even if it’s family.. thank you for posting, because just seeing your words helped me. Peace, love and only happiness your way…

  2. Don’t look back or she will destroy your self esteem. My dilemma was my religion, the bible tells us to ‘honour you mother and father ‘ but walking away saved my sanity. I felt guilty for depriving my kids of a grandparent but now my regret is t h at I didn’t do it much sooner.
    People will always have something re your decision, don’t let them make you feel bad, you are doing the right thing.

  3. Stop expecting your mother to be a mother it is never going to happen.
    Run don’t walk away. Protect your children and yourself. You do not have to love your mother nor will she ever love you back…she is not capable. I speak from experience it took way to long to commit to no contact.

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