How do I deal with it all emotionally?

How do I deal with it all emotionally?

So I have a violent ex that is the complete definition of a narcissist and he blames me for everything.  He calls me all sorts of nasty names and all I’m trying to do is take care of our son.  I live by myself with my son and it’s hard paying bills with no child support.  He accuses me of spending his son’s money on my bills.  He thinks I should buy toys and games for him and clothes but thinks I shouldn’t pay my water or light bill with what little money he does give me when he feels like giving it.  Please help… How do I deal with it all emotionally?

3 thoughts on “How do I deal with it all emotionally?

  1. Grow a thick skin! He will never change and whatever you do he will criticise. Learn to believe in yourself that you are none of the things he says. Once you believe that his comments will be like water off a ducks back.

  2. Remember this, he is a narcissist
    That means he is a liar
    That means everything he says is not true
    So if he calls you names, they are not true, he is a liar

    All he is doing is trying to make you hurt, so he feels good
    What a sad and pathetic person to need to hurt others to feel validated

    You are doing all the right things to care for YOUR child
    Would you let anyone in the street talk to you this way ?
    Nope so don’t let him !

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