How do I act, respond?

How do I act, respond?

I have a new managing director at my work. His transition is complete and the old MD has left. I was the first employee along with the MD so the both of us built the company to 10 employees. And I did everything from accounts, HR, office admin.
So five months down the track of the new managing director he shows and has shown so many traits of being a Narcissist.
It started off by questioning everything I did and micromanaging me, making, requesting changes to his ways. He would give me instructions that I would complete, he then was conflicting of his instructions and I started to become confused. Any reminders or ideas I gave he takes as criticism and the ideas he would grab as his own.
On researching and speaking with psychologist I am finally understanding why he is like this. It’s been suggested that I am a threat to him. All the workers look up to me and they approach me for things and suggestions etc. as they always have for the past four years.
Before actually realising his condition I would stick up for myself and correct him which I now understand makes things worse.
I’m having a meeting with him that he has called to outline my tasks and responsibilities and I know this has come from an email I sent before realising the traits about ways to improve our communication to avoid confusion etc. I know he will turn things around and make things my fault as he has done so often and now I know how to deal with a person like this I can’t be defensive and stand up for what I know is right. I would like to Ask the Audience. In this meeting I’m having “How do I act, respond? I’ve never dealt with someone like this before and in normal cases I would defend myself stand up for what I know is right. But on researching I’m not going to be able to do this.
I’m going to have to be blamed ashamed accused and take it all.
How do I react when this happens? Do I sit there and nod, agree with him, ‘yes sir!’
I’m extremely nervous about the whole thing and suffering anxiety that I’ve never had before.
Any advise would be appreciated.
Thank you

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