How can I help her and my grand babies?

How can I help her and my grand babies?

I am looking for advice My daughter has NPD. I am her target she appears to everyone else as just the most perfectly sweet and kind woman the fallout does affect my husband and other daughters but she goes out of her way to be cruel to me and make me doubt myself I am forever apologising for things I didn’t do she bans  me from seeing my grandchildren she moved Interstate in February 2017 without telling us I am so worried for my two grandchildren aged 11 and 9 my husband is allowed to iMessage them every Saturday but only gets an answer every three or four weeks I actually think she is answering as the messages go to her email address can you give me some advice how I can help her and my grandbabies I think it is my fault I think I smacked her too much as a child she is 44 years old I need to help her and the children.

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  1. I feel your pain. You can’t make her do anything. I went two years of silent treatment. Just remain cordial. Send birthday cards and holiday cards. I choose to send small gifts as well. To uphold the perfect persona my daughter would send thank you cards and allowed her husband to bring children to see me. For that I’m thankful. But don’t ever think for a minute it’s because she loves me or cares about me. It’s purely about being superior by rising above and “allowing” me to see my grandchildren.

    The only way to cope is to not take bait, remain cordial and prayer. Dying to self is very powerful Christian practice and if you wish to have a relationship be with grand kids you must learn how to do this.

  2. We have absolutely no contact with our daughter her choice, we have been dealing with this for 26 years she is getting worse all the time, she is divorced, sadly her ex husband is as bad as she is he is very controlling and gets in her head, at the moment she is hiding from him as he is very verbally abusive, I only have contact with my grandchildren on their birthdays if I message them I don’t get an answer she is slowly turning them against me, my husband gets to iMessage them and gets an answer about every three or four weeks, I have started a trust account for the children which they know about I put money in it on their birthdays and send them a card as their mother would spend any money I sent them, I heard from them three days ago by iMessage asking me when they were getting the money from the trust account as they were saving for something, I haven’t answered I really don’t believe the children are answering my husband I believe my daughter only passes on messages when she wants, and I think she wants th money I’m ok if she’s out of our lives but to rob us and the children of each other is heartless we were so close to them

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