He turned into a monster

He turned into a monster

I’m not sure what to think anymore I’m so confused I’ve been with my husband for 9 years and married for 3 he left about 6 weeks ago (a real shock I didn’t see it coming) things got bad beginning of this year , he really started talking down to me like I was a child when I pulled him up on it he told me I was over reacting so I let it go and didn’t say any more about it and let him carry on . Then he started telling me I had severe depression (I thought I was okay just a bit upset when he talked down to me) but never thought I was that depressed .

He started telling me when he walked in the house there was a big dark cloud that I caused and it bought him down . He told me I had said things that I know I didn’t .   When he left he started blaming my mum and my 22 year old daughter  and he said if my daughter was a boy he would of shoved her head threw a brick wall he just turned into a monster (not the person I met) neither my mum or my daughter had done anything, only having a bit of my attention. Now I have to let him in to see the dogs as he has blackmailed me if I don’t let him see them he will stop giving me any money for the mortgage. I’m struggling because he wanted me to leave my job a couple of years ago so I’ve not been working . This is getting so hard I feel a mess I still love him and I really can’t go much time not  thinking about him he is still playing games with my mind (please can someone help somehow) is there anywhere in the new forest that can help. I’m still waiting on I talk but that could be another 6 months . I’m not sure if he is some sort of narcissist I think I just need to know I’m not going mad . Sorry for the really long email just not sure what to do x

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  1. NO YOU ARE NOT GOING MAD!! This person IS a Narc and he is now showing his true colors. They all eventually do. I don’t want to further hurt you but what your feeling is not love..you are addicted to this person. They become like a drug. I’m sure there have been other abuses in the past ,but you ignored them as him having a bad day etc. We have all been where you are at. He is not going to change..they are what they are..My advice is to start reading EVERYTHING you can on narcissistic abuse.. You will begin to understand your situation better..Keep reaching out for help and do not let him back into your life..It will only get worse.

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