Feeling lost

Feeling lost

I’ve just ended a six year relationship that ended in a marriage that lasted only six months. I gave my soul to her only to have it thrown away. The words narcissistic victims syndrome is new to me but sums me up to a T.

Money cars holidays jewellery. You name it I tried to make her happy all along being told what a worthless man I was that wasn’t man enough for her and then she told lies to her family that I was abusive and physically abusive. I never touch her. Her alcoholism was the reason she hurt herself and verbal abuse of me in public in front of my family and friends reduced me to a recluse.

I was afraid to go out in public because she would drink until she would get abusive. The next day deny it ever happened and that it was all in my head. She told me no other woman would want me and that I would have look forward to a life of hookers and loneliness .

She cheated on me several times and I always forgave her after it was turned around to me not for fillĀ  of her needs of affection or time orĀ that she was taken advantage of when she was drunk .

Now I’m going insane that I feel that I am all the things she said and my pain and tears are all that I’m worth. Basically discarded because I stood my ground once to many times and that I was on to her narcissism and that I was empowered to who I was dealing with. Feeling lost

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  1. Just understand that she has successfully achieved her goal ie. for your own mind to play tricks on you making you believe that she’s right.
    Your only healing is NO contact NO response NO checking up.
    Just have faith that this will prove to you how lucky you are to NOT be with her.

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