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👄The silent treatment and ostracism have been described as ‘mental murder’ and are absolutely devastating to the target. Sadly they are tactics often used by narcissists. Have you been a target and how did you deal with it?

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  1. I was subjected to the silent treatment on many occasions….Up until recently I had no idea, as this had never happened to me before I met my ex husband…….In fact to compound my confusion his sister and sister-in-law ignored me in the most public way when we went to the UK to his brother’s funeral…..again…I had no idea why as I had never done or said anything to either of them to warrant this treatment…… But the silent treatment was extremely hurtful and often made me cry as I had no idea what I had done to merit this treatment…..when I asked what was wrong – it was usually over something that was so inconsequential and innocuous that I was flabbergasted, which upset him even more……It was only after I had been discarded that I started searching for answers as to what I could have done to warrant such treatment and came across this site…It explains so much. But this whole experience has left me shattered and unable to reconcile the man I thought I was in love with, with the man I actually married……..still very confused and sad….

  2. they know how to be cunning smart dismissive
    mentally abusive all to get what they want out of you but think you need anything

  3. They can dissapear, then return or call weeks, months, or years later, with no explanation, just like they saw you yesterday. And when you ask them why, they will either say some insane, childish excuse, or “what, what do you mean”, like they don’t understand.

  4. I am the main target of emotional, psychological abuse by my 1st born child (my son) he is age 30 now. I don’t get replies or responses from texts or phone calls,.. His behaviors are random and when he does come around (usually a holiday for 2 hours tops) He also makes it a point to let me know that every word that comes out of my mouth is utterly stupid and makes me feel like I am a beaten down dog or scolded child in a corner.

    (All of this without him even saying a word) It’s all in his mannerisms. After 13 years of his treatment and me putting my foot down regarding how he cannot talk to me negatively, abusive, downgrading, etc….he still seems to have managed a “silent” way to still punish me.

    It feels as though it is impossible to beat/or overcome a narcissist.

    He has a little girl age 6, I have no choice but to ingest and hold in my opinion, I’m left to swallow the pain and wait for the next time I am around him.
    He does not work, doesn’t contribute, watches me when I am in pain with recent sciatic nerve issues.
    He doesn’t ask how I am doing, or if he can
    Help., he watches me mow,work,take care of some much physically, and he doesn’t bat an eye to ask me how I am,…Nothing.

    I give monetarily to contribute to his relationship that he is in with his girlfriend.
    (She us a high functioning nurse)
    (She’s is an answered prayer) I need him to be with her, she’s good for him and my granddaughter.
    If I make up for HIS lack by contributing, my hopes are that the burden is lighter for her and they stay together.

    However, I NEVER get a thank you from him. I can’t even get the money to him any longer.
    I pretty much have to go through her.

    I’m very aware how co-dependant this sounds, I’m tough on him and he hates authority,.. I believe it’s why he won’t be near me,..I stand my ground and he knows it.
    The money I give to him is a gift to myself, to keep him in his life across town.

    It feels as though I experience the death of my son over and over and over.
    He let’s me know I’m a bad girl by not speaking to me, bc he also knows that (words) are my natural love language.

    He acts just like his grandfather’s generations back on his birth father’s side.

  5. I’m the target of my sister-in law (my husbands sister) i confronted her because she stole some stuff from my house, this was before i even knew NPD existed. After i realized and confronted her she’s doing the silent-treatment, victimizing with her family, now everybody treats me differently; She made her son a birthday party and didn’t invite us (my husband, son and me). I thought that if i apologized it could just calm the situation because she was doing stuff to make me feel bad, but of course she pretends to be “fine” with me in front of her family but when i’m just with her she treats me as if i don’t exist. I know it’s easy as to just ignore her too, and don’t care too much, but i do and i feel like crap, i don’t know what to do, because i tried to act “careless” and it’s not working for me at all. It’s like she knows where to poke me, and somehow she got away with it… I was “the victim” and she turn things around.

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