Did you fight them over custody?

Did you fight them over custody?

Hello – first of all, this group has been really helpful to me so far in my journey to get out of this abusive relationship with my N… I was wondering if you could pose a question to the group – I was curious about what kind of custody agreements people ended up having with their NX, if they fought them tooth and nail in court and any words of wisdom or advice… my NX didn’t care about our toddler son until I told him I was divorcing him…

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  1. My N has been fighting me for custody for FOUR YEARS. He has not been able to secure more time after 3 times in mediation, a psychological exam, and countless pleas of “my work schedule changed”. Each time he does not get what he wants, he changes his work schedule and tries again. We were at mediation again last week. I think the mediator is finally on to his games – I will see the report in about a week and a half. So to answer your question – No, he will not stop. Be prepared and be brave. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!!! Keep a calendar/log and document every single thing, no matter how insignificant you think it is. Keep all communications with him in writing – no verbal communications as they can be twisted and cannot be proven. When in court, just give your list of facts and circumstance and keep emotions out of it. Being emotional can be dangerous and he will play on it. Best of luck to you Mama!

    1. Yes! Document everything! My ex and I have to use an online program called Talking Parents. I don’t talk to him on the phone because he will twist everything I say.

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