Deathbed apology?

Deathbed apology?

Someone told me my ex is ill and not likely to recover.  I keep wondering if he’s sorry for the way he treated me.  Probably being delusional!!!  Do you all think I should go see him one last time to see if on his deathbed he would finally admit to what he did?  We haven’t spoken in five years.

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  1. No. After five years you should have moved on enough emotionally to not need that apology. Keeping in mind what he is, you’ll not get an apology from him anyways.
    I suggest you stay on your happy path in life and leave the past eight where it should be, behind you.

  2. No. Its up to you to forgive him. To release him from having any power over your emotions. He will have to deal with the consequences of his actions before the Throne of Heaven, and so will you. When you keep expecting apologies from people, you continue to give them power as an on-going abuser, and that keeps you in victim mode. When you release the abuser, and forgive them, you are also released from the weight and burden of Victimhood, into being an Overcomer. Bless your heart, I pray that you find peace through this situation, the Peace that passes all understanding.

  3. For what? He isn’t going to have an epiphany now, about how he should have treated you…. send if a get well card! One less Narc in the world…hooray!

  4. Nope. If you made peace with your time together and forgave him for the pain and abuse he gave to you, that was for yourself. Narcissist aren’t going to magically become empathetic and remorseful. They become afraid of what they cannot control. You can’t lie, abuse, cheat on or triangulate death.

  5. Don’t waste your time. If your narc wanted to apologize he would have done so already. Don’t think his imminent death will change him one bit. As others have said, you’ll only be trading your five years of peace for pointless heartache & frustration.

  6. If you go, go because you want to prove to yourself that you did the right thing five years ago! I know we live in hope , that somehow the person that nearly destroyed us will ask us for forgiveness. I’m so sorry but it just doesn’t happen, they stay true to form up to their very last breath.

  7. Don’t go for an apology that you may not get. Even though he may be sorry he may not know how to tell you. Please let me tell you how sorry I am that he hurt you. It is not your fault and I hope you find the strength to forgive him. You are a good person. You deserve to be loved and to be happy.

  8. Don’t do it u are now happy it took me 10 years to have no contact with my narc mother I should have done it sooner why torture yourself just let go trust me when you do it will empower you more be the better person hold your head high and be proud u did it too good luck x

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