Crime And Punishment

Crime And Punishment

Caring too much… Guilty

Loving too much… Guilty

Giving far too many chances… Guilty

Forgiving someone who was never sorry… Guilty

Thinking all people are inherently good… Guilty

Waiting for change that would never come… Guilty

Staying too long… Guilty


Imprisonment for life inside a heart full of hurt and pain.



Love that person you see in the mirror.

When someone shows  you their true colours, believe them the first time. Never try to paint a different picture.

Set your standards high and keep them there.

Set boundaries and don’t let anyone cross them.

Respect yourself enough to walk away when someone treats you poorly.

Don’t make anyone else pay for a mistake they didn’t make.

Set yourself free and live and love your life, your way. That is not being selfish, but absolutely necessary.

Choose wisely.

Written by Anne McCrea

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2 thoughts on “Crime And Punishment

  1. This page is helping me a lot to relize that I’m with someone who has narcissistic trades I’m finding it difficult to leave him ive done in the past a couple of years ago but got back cause he talked me back and we have a little girl together also couldn’t stand his verbel emotional abuse his narcissistic ways towards me , when getting back with him they stoped in a way but still he emotional abuse me now then ect it makes me feel so unhappy sometimes but I’m a bit more stronger than befor so I just deal with it, and his family when splitting up is byest so they don’t really see it and they very intimidating and strong themselves and I feel so weak and give in , his ways is always playes on my mind , all the stuff you have wrote about I feel about the guilt , I didn’t realise about all this thank you for making me realise xxxx

    1. I have recently split up from a relationship he verbally abused me then tried to blame me by gaslighting. It kept going and I kept going back because I loved him or so I thought. The best decision I made was to get out of it. It’s hard but your life will be better in the long run.

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