What do I need to do to get away from him?

What do I need to do to get away from him?

I left a narcissist after 2 years.  Of course I didn’t even know what a narcissist was until his ex-sister in law said his brother was diagnosed as one.  I’m sure you know exactly what I’ve gone through since most of the stories are the same.  But I ended up having a little boy to him who is now 8 months old. I also have a 5 year old boy from a previous husband.  The 5 year old only knows this narc as his dad. I tried no contract and wanted to go to court so that they could take care of visitation, times, etc.  I wanted nothing to do with him.

When he found a new supply (his brothers girlfriend) he took me out of the company I helped build and added her to the payroll.  He claimed our son on income tax because of course I did nothing for the company.  But claiming myself and my son gave me enough money to start over in my hometown about 4 hours away.  After leaving he contacted the ex-sister in law asking about me.  To which I told her to tell him that I was in my home town and that we were all ok and needed time to think.  He continued sending emails, etc (hoovering).  Since he couldn’t find me he took the money out of my account.  Leaving me and my kids with nothing.  Forcing me back.

My question is one that I haven’t found anywhere.  He has beat me up really bad.  Since I left the house he hasn’t put his hands on me.  But he secretly made a copy of my keys to my apartment and came in looking for evidence of where I was and to take my son away.  When I came back he saw me and followed me to my son’s elementary school.  This man went up a one way street in front of a school full of children all over the street and sidewalk.  Drove his car right in front of mine so that I couldn’t leave.  The look in his eyes was weird, evil, like he was looking right through me.  I can’t seem to get away and no piece of paper will help me (PFA).

What exactly will I need to do to get away from a man that made himself look like the victim to everyone and now I’m alone in a town I don’t know.  He spent 16 years in jail on a drug charge and says he isn’t afraid of going back to jail. He is too charming and convincing so I’m afraid of my child being taken away by his lies.  He won’t completely leave me alone even when he has a new supply.  If I try to go, he hunts me down. Although I have witnesses to his physical abuse from neighbours willing to testify when they tried to help me, I know it will only fuel his anger and I have nothing.  No money, nobody to help.  My family can’t help financially or with a place either.  Any suggestions? I know this is a hard one since it can get violent.  But I’m desperate since not even the system can help us. Thank you

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  1. Go to the police and prepare to go to a women’s shelter in another state. This man is a piece of shit and you have a right to a healthy life – think of the example this is for your beautiful children. Get out and leave every single thing behind. It’s done every day by women like yourself. You will survive, your children will survive, you will be relocated and most importantly: you will be safe.

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