She believes I’m a narcissist

She believes I’m a narcissist

Below is my story

I am not proud of me.  But due the situation In which I was – dealing in that way was my way and yes My “humanity” drive me in that direction – I act as I act and I was thinking necessary to present to you who I am – at least in this specific situation.

My former girlfriend which I still love tenderly believe I am a Narcissist disorder Soul.  She is continuously saying I was abusing her and I am a manipulator.

This I wish to say to you before you read my story.

The Story

In 2011 I was in Istanbul talking with a local partner.  I was 49 it was July.  My apartment in Stuttgart was always full with people – I was coking and flirting as a free single man can do.  I was also supporting an emerging artist a brilliant intellectual which was painting stuff I collect – name Wi. I was supporting Wi and it happen I love her in my bed for long time.  I offer her protection when was requested by situation – I experience how gifted person could have difficulties to survive in our society. It was a friendly relation directed to learn more from vast German Culture and Painting – At that time I was a active painting collector.  In the same time I was probably in love of a CZ young woman with a 4/5 years old kid – which the father die into a Venezuelan Prison for illegal drugs trading.  Suddenly Wi became pregnant of me – I understand in that moment I was in love with CZ girl PA.  The decision to keep pregnancy going was extremely difficult for me and also for Wi – I know an interruption could turn into a psychological disaster for Her.

My CZ accept in same way the “mistake” asking as compensation the definition of a family –  I lost charisma also,  With her with little son, probably with her Family and with the whole local community – I was not supposed to visit pregnant Wi and when Booboo born in Berlin I was not able to see him for more than few hours per months.

I was traveling worldwide and I was driving day and night between Stuttgart Berlin and Praga without almost never stopping – 250.000 Km in 4 years plus transoceanic flight and drive from USA to Australia – China to Africa and a lot of Poland and South East EU.

In 2014 I decide to close Berlin apartment inviting in my Stuttgart apartment my Son and obviously the mother Wi –

Being less than 70 night per year home I hade the chance to secure Booboo and the mother close to my working place – making economy of one apartment – it was a big secret I hold without saying to Pa in CZ.. I could not talk about that – she was absolutely jealous and unable of empathy with the women she has take – according her point of view – his man.

Actually I stop completely to have romantic relation with Wi since the pregnancy announcement – we just share same place to enjoy Booboo – my little son – and to offer to Booboo a little more Dad than what he would have received in the Berlin Stuttgart configuration – I was always sleeping on a coach

In December 2015 I bought a house in Heidelberg for them 2 hours drive from Stuttgart airport – where they are living together – In this house there is a separate apartment which I use to sleep but I do not have even a small place for my stuff – which are all almost in Stuttgart.

In the same time Pa from Cz was suspecting something and saying I was as I am a liar and a bastard and mental sick and a person to whom we can not offer any trust – somebody that has ruined her love and Dream of family .. A Narcissist..

Actually I was thinking only to secure my babe and automatically his mother…  Unfortunately The relation was closed with Pa in the worst possible way – I was accused of Narcissism disorder by Pa Cz

This allegation of Narcissism   is subtitle and very difficult to be debated

What I understand under narcissism syndrome is that  Generally specking a Narcissist is a big liar – is that so easy to be defined narcissist?  Is big liar automatically a dangerous Narcissist?

This I wish to ask to the community ..

Can you judge me a Narcissist from the story I have written??  What make a liar a narcissist?

Liar in our society is politically very incorrect.. Nevertheless lies are necessary in same case to protect our self or our loves…  This is what I think – Lies are not automatically a sign of mental deficit… Or bad feelings for loved and family..

Please let me know what you think about my dramatic story cause I lost the love of my life and I do not see any chance for me ..

I will answer to each and everyone will request additional info and notes..

I do not know what love is but I love and miss Pa as crazy…

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