My ex husband continues to violate boundaries

My ex husband continues to violate boundaries

My narc ex husband is dating a now EX friend of mine. That is betrayal enough (by the friend) but now she’s pushing in on my kids’ lives. Ever since my ex and I split, he has continued to violate boundaries. He has shown up at my family functions at the holidays, and my family unfortunately won’t turn him away. Other than my mom and sister, they either “don’t want to get involved” or think I should just “rise above for the sake of the kids.” Most recently, he took the kids for halloween, and the girlfriend went along. They showed up at 2 of my uncle’s houses and WENT INSIDE. Not just knock-knock, trick or treat. Went in and hung out. I find that super inappropriate (plus, who wants to hang out at their new boyfriend’s ex wife’s family’s house???) I’ve tried talking to my family with no luck. I’ve tried talking to the ex narc, obviously with no results. I’m so hurt and angry. How would you handle?

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  1. You can actually file for a harassment order. He will be banned from going to family and friends etc
    Document everything. Including that you have tried discussing…
    if you have asked someone to stop something and they don’t it then becomes harrassement 🙂 good luck!

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