Married two years and he’s changed completely

Married two years and he’s changed completely

I want to know do some marriages make it?  I’ve been married two years and he changed completely.  I don’t even know him anymore.  Everything I do is wrong and he’s constantly talking about my weight, hair, clothes etc.  But now he doesn’t want my children or grandchildren around but always wants me around his children and family.  Help I want my marriage but don’t know anything about this condition he has.

2 thoughts on “Married two years and he’s changed completely

  1. At the very least, he is being controlling. Do NOT let him isolate you. Or constantly criticise you. You may want your marriage – but at what cost to you? The partnership you crave is very much a one way street. If he continues the way he is, GET AWAY, before he has you too weak and confused to act.

  2. I really am sorry for the abuse that you are experiencing from this person. I can hear you searching for hope for the dream that you had when you entered into this relationship at the beginning.

    He didn’t change he is now showing you who he really is – believe him! Nothing you can do will alter that or his behavior. Please don’t make the mistake of hoping that the good times will outweigh the bad. The bad times shouldn’t even BE there – this person is creating this situation and knows EXACTLY what he is doing to you.

    This is textbook behavior and I suggest that you continue to read up on it and recognize it for yourself. As to whether some marriages make it – well some women do stay in marriages to these people for a long time but I have never met one who says it was worth it. Mainly it’s at great cost to themselves and regret for the lost years of their lives. It has only been two years for you and you have the choice of how you want your future to be. Look ahead…..long term.

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