If you don’t give me what I want I’ll make sure your life’s hell

If you don’t give me what I want I’ll make sure your life’s hell

Has anyone else felt that their abusers turn to their church home or and huge ministries for prayers, pointing the fingers, blaming everyone else but themselves?  Narcs are always victims, we’re of the devil simply because we won’t be their financial spiritual mental door mats of toxicity, we’re supposed to fight basically prove we’re worth to be loved, respected basically be miserable on the account of people who really don’t care and only hear one side have no experience or
understanding of any types of abuse & basically it’s like narc can mentally emotional financial spiritual physically hurt  and abuse their family, hate blame others & start hate groups, if they just happen to get their stuff together.   We owe them our lives, have to reconcile but they’ve never had to suffer what or any judgements or karma! It’s like I can stab you blame you and look I even called for help, I’m actually good you have no choices if you don’t give me what I want I’ll make sure your life’s hell
and slander your name playing the victim blame game and I’m always


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  1. Yes, for more than 20 years. I applaud you for being brave enough to start asking questions. This could be the beginning of a new day for you, and get you started in a healthy direction for a GOOD life! I found Dr. Henry Cloud when I was about 4-5 years into my new life…oh, how I wish I’d known of his insight/teaching 30 years previously. It would have saved me from decades of misguided preaching from the pulpit and the “husband”. I put that title in quotes because I’ve learned that in my case there never was a true marriage. It was a one-sided relationship, because I did the work, took responsibility… for everything – the day-to-day physical tasks, and the relational problems. It’s what happens when we love someone and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it work, and it’s what we may have heard from our church-world. God’s Word becomes distorted in our minds as a result of manipulation from those we were taught to trust, and a lack of balance in teaching. My encouragement would be to check out Dr. Cloud. He’s on facebook as well as his own website and provides a ton of free information. His books and videos are also excellent. Here’s a link to get you going: https://www.boundaries.me/blog/when-your-boundaries-are-violated-through-abuse

  2. I live house share with my older sibling, she is an absolute pillar of society and street angel. I am constantly walking on egg shells. the silent treatment is always on hand if I don’t conform with her hermit lifestyle, if i dare suggest meeting a friend for a walk or even phone chat the silent treatment kicks in..when I ask what is wrong? I get the response nothing is wrong why are you raising your voice.. so it’s now put back to me. i have cut myself off from.my friends I spend my weekends sitting in the house to avoid guilt and avoid taking calls from any friends
    life is easier if I conform with mother superior. this person gets agitated when I go to sit and watch t.v… I can seen her anger when she sees me going to relax. I cannot move house at present, i would welcome any suggestions?
    she’s always right has the last word, but i do know is very reserved quiet to the public but a control freak to live with. life is passing me by and it hurts we could be so happy just doing simple things e.g. laughing

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