I need help

I need help

I need help. My narcissistic ex just got awarded shared custody of our daughter. Now he controls when I talk to her, what we talk about, and how long we are on the phone. I I need help. He’s so good with his words that the court failed to see that he’s a danger to our child’s emotional and mental health. My daughter is hurting.

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  1. Try to keep a record of anything you find that may be deemed as manipulative etc. Stay strong in meantime and don’t rise to any provocation. If this went back to court or social services got involved, your behaviour has to be whiter than white and your daughter will need someone in her life to offer stability. That has to be you. When she isn’t around, do your crying, go to counselling, organise yourself, rebuild your life. You have to be her rock and basically you’re drawing up logical battle plans for when you present any evidence of his wrongdoings. It’s hard when they’re so persuasive and make you look like a howling banshee whenever they wind you up to the point of explosion. Try to view their cruel behaviour as him being a petty little man who thinks he’s won, kill him with kindness and laugh at him on the inside while you build a life for your daughter’s future with you. Done properly, you could have the last laugh. Good luck and stay strong!

  2. You need to record everything you can, video and audio if possible, too. Get her into a counselor that specializes in narcissistic abuse to also do some recording and is able to give a professional opinion. Those can hold a lot of weight in court. If you can, you also need a good lawyer to help you organize and make a proper and effective plan of attack. And, like Karen said, you have to be an angel during all of this so it doesn’t come back on you. He will rage afterwards, but you need keep recording every interaction with him so that he can’t come back and regain custody.

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