How many are still struggling?

How many are still struggling?

Could you ask the audience how many are still struggling with proving their ex is really a narc even though they are textbook? I know it’s the Slime left on our brain that it was our fault and we were just not good enough. Thank you!

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  1. I am. 3 months out.

    He’s surrounded himself with enablers/flying monkeys and is portraying me as a liar when I’m the one actually telling the truth.

    I just can’t see an end to it all. I don’t believe in karma but if I did……..

  2. Who are you trying to prove this to? And why do you feel you need to? You don’t have to prove any THING to any ONE. I think your best bet is to focus on your SELF and figuring out what made you vulnerable to being sucked in to a narc relationship to avoid another. Just go about living your life and healing.

  3. I am still struggling so much and I just don’t understand why. He left a year ago, but I still find myself missing him, and I hate that!!! I realize the person I’m missing is NOT the person who he truly was, my mind knows that … but my heart … I loved him so much, down to the very depths of my soul … and I’m trying so hard to wrap my mind around the fact that for 11 years my entire life was a lie … everything … All my hopes, all my dreams … everything that I believed … Every night when I go to bed I think about all the horrible things he’s done to me … all the lying, cheating, yelling and anger … I want so badly for my heart to remember the bad, so I can finally let go … to finally be free of his horrible emotional abuse …

  4. I’m in the middle of a divorce with a severe narc who has made all kinds of accusations against me…it’s been a year and 4 months with no relief in sight…

  5. Read about abuse – Lundy Bancroft, Patricia Evans – so that you know it wasn’t you, it was him. Ronnie is right – you have to work on yourself and heal. I found the books really helpful – made me realise that it was all part of a pattern rather than me having a problem with a specific person. And that the only person I could change was myself. You need to start thinking about what you want in your future and stop dwelling on the past. Thinking about the bad stuff just keeps you in the bad place. Do something nice for yourself everyday – you are worth it. Love yourself. Be grateful you are not having to deal with a narcissist every day and fill your life with positive things. It’s hard to do at first but it gets easier.

  6. Karen, it has been 3 years for me and only recently are those feelings diminishing. But they are. I can’t imagine a day has gone by without thinking about him but it is not all day, every day anymore. Maybe, just maybe there has been a day sneak passed without a thought of him.

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