He Controls What I Wear

He Controls What I Wear

I have been in a relationship with a narcissist for 8 years.  He tries to control who I talk to, what I wear, how I should have my hair styled and has cut me off from people who I used to be so friendly with.  I keep hoping he will see that I can make my own decisions and how he’s not helping by his behaviour but any time I try to talk to him he goes off in a rage and doesn’t speak to me for days.  What I want to know is why do they carry on like this when they’re bound to know they’re causing problems and pushing their partner away?  Thank you.


People sometimes confuse control freaks with narcissists.  That being said, there is no “making him see”, we do not think they way you do and he sees nothing wrong with his behaviour.  There is no “talking to him” as you are trying to tell him that he is wrong and that is the LAST thing a true narcissist wants to hear.  The cutting you off from people and such is just a form of control.  Nothing more and nothing you did.

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