Has anyone seen this behaviour?

Has anyone seen this behaviour?

Identify the possible narcissist.  14 year married couple.  Toxic relationship, both parties guilty of infidelity, name calling, and all around all the things you shouldn’t do in a relationship.  They are now separated.  Person A, is generally happy, has since made friends, tried to be friends with person B but the relationship always erupts in a fight.  Person A realizes friends isn’t going to happen and just stops responding altogether, until person B resorts to name calling and character assassination, when they don’t receive a reply.  Then Person A fires back for a while until friends and family say, don’t stoop to their level, and then Person A decided to just leave it alone.

Person B continues to engage off and on, now has a fiancé, who gives them everything they need now (the person they left Person A for 6 months ago), that the fiancé is better than Person A ever was, and tells person A they are still in love with them, while telling Person A how much they had hurt Person B.

When Person A says, “I don’t care if you still love me, please stop and move on with your fiancé, and leave me alone, Person B then retaliates with, “I will never EVER, be with you again!”

I left out he and she, so as not to skew opinions.  Many more details, but this is a summary of the most recent interactions and is pretty much representative of how most interactions go.  So, if there is a narcissist here, is it person A, or B.  Has anyone else seen this behaviour.

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  1. We don’t know and may never. Person B may be being goaded or being set up by Person A to respond badly so as Person A can go and play the victim. I have seen this and have had this happen to me. Person A may have pushed person B to breaking point, and person B may have known no other option to get out of toxic relationship, but to leave with someone else. Person A sounds too good to be true while person B is copping all the blame. Narcisists often play it this way so as they can play the victim. Of course person B still loves person A. Not unusual for narcissists and borderline personalities to love each other when relationship is over. I think person A is main problem, and knows how to push person B’S buttons. I think person B possibly has co-dependence, bpd personality traits.

  2. I disagree. Sounds like person b is the narc. Person a realises their relationship will never work and has moved on. Person b is the one raking up all the old emotions.

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