From the frying pan into the fire

From the frying pan into the fire

I need some advice.  I am concerned I left one narcissist for another.  He’s not high energy or very motivated in life but he is quite oblivious to many things.  I keep waking up lately, quite randomly, feeling sick with a horrible headache and nausea and have missed some work as a result and the last time I woke up like this, I texted him at work.  He showed zero concern and talked about something else like I’d said nothing at all. Also he wouldn’t come say hi when he got home from work after me nor come give me a kiss or hug or ask me how my day was.  He tells me about hot girls he interacts with at work and I don’t know why he would do that.  He also lies a lot and for no reason.  I call him on all these bad behaviours, and more, and he does make changes but then occasionally he acts like someone totally different than who I thought he was – really cold and cruel.  It is very brief when it happens but scares me.  Have I gone from the frying pan into the fire or could he just be inexperienced in relationships?  He’s not dated much and he’s youngish at 25 years old. Thank you in advance for any ideas or advice.

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  1. This is not the behavior of someone who loves you.

    At first when you put together the whole picture of the way someone is treating you it can be difficult to face, and making excuses for them is the first reaction to try to come to terms with the truth. He is showing you the real person now and his age and experience have nothing to do with his behavior.
    The fact that you are being frightened by him – and he knows that he is doing that it is deliberate – is a huge warning sign. Violence in any form toward you from anyone should never be excused. You must protect yourself.
    This is abuse and it only gets worse. Don’t ever blame yourself, you are not responsible for someone else’s behavior it is a CHOICE he is making and what you are seeing is the result of what is in his mind and the way he is thinking. It’s unlikely you are the first and he is setting the scene for all of his future relationships.

    Be glad you are finding out early. There are better men than this for you.

  2. Ok couple of questions

    Is he really 25 narcs often lie about their ages

    How did you meet him ? As your old relationship crumbled ? As he rid himself of a craZy manipulative ex ? If so he’s trauma bonded you

    Why are you even asking questions the honeymoon phase is over, the quarry has been captured and the devaluation has begun, not even worth being worried About when you are ill, discard is being prepared

    If you started this relationship as an affair be sure he’s doing it again with someone new, you are now boring, dull, don’t understand him and soon to be crazy !

    If he was in a relationship at the time you took up with him eat humble
    Pie and contact her, starting with sorry !

    Get rid of this pollutant in your Life, he’s chosen you as you care and are vulnerable to trying to fix broken wings

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