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Discussion Board

Whilst no contact is recommended when dealing with someone with NPD, there are some things that we would just love to let them know. What would you say to the narcissist in your life?

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  1. This isn’t what I say, but what I think to myself every time I go to visit: “I know you. I know who and what you are. I know your games, your lies, and I see your attempts to manipulate me. My eyes are open now, and now I am the one in control. You have no power to hurt me anymore. I can and will walk away completely if you push me.”

    Like a typical narcissist, my mother is very good at playing on emotions to try and illicit sympathy, or act in a way that gives me false hope that things could be better between us. Thinking my little mantra is a reminder to myself that she has had me in her life for 40+ years, and has never changed – and never will. It’s like my invisible suit of armor.

  2. You spend your life blaming everyone else for your problems but you bring them all on yourself. You are to blame for the way you treat people. Wake up, grow up, get a life and accept that you got to change if you want a better life but you won’t will you, cos it’s never your fault!!!!

  3. You said, “You must give me the benefit of the doubt”….And then you raped my spirit. Your pathology is wicked.

  4. Thanks for ruining my life, our daughter’s happiness and leaving me with a huge mess to clean up. If you were a man, I probably would have punched you in the face. Regardless, since leaving you I have been able to accomplish so much! Our daughter is in a better place and so am I. I feel sorry for the next idiot who has to be subjected to your selfish behavior. This idiot doesn’t have to deal with it anymore because I came to my senses!

  5. I was not crazy. An entire court system has demonstrated that it was not me that was crazy. I know you’ll never believe this…. but the rest of the world knows what you did.

  6. I have only just realized over the past month or so that my mother and my ex are both narcissistic. Things make so much more sense now, thank you to this website for helping me see the light.
    To my mother – I have stopped waiting for an apology from you. Look at where you are now – so helpless, so weak, you can never ever call me down again, swear at me or ever fight with me again.
    To my ex – I finally have the answer to how you treated me for 19 years. I had no idea you are a narcissist – my god I wish I would have known. You hurt me so badly, but you did not break me, you no longer have a place in my heart ( and that’s your loss), you taught me a lesson I needed to learn, I pity you.
    I kept saying, he has no empathy for anyone, so selfish, he used to take pride in calling himself the master moocher, omg, this is truly an eye opener.

  7. I got the chance… and I told him that he could not manipulate lie cheat Gaslight control me anymore. I told him that I could see right through him that I could see who and what he is and that I want no part of it anymore. I told him that I did not believe in him or trust him and without being able to believe or trust in him we had nothing. I told him that I would never allow him or anyone to ever treat me that way again. I told him that I was healing from his physical mental and emotional abuse and that I am getting stronger. I told him that I wished him no ill will…. told him I want to divorce. He tried everything in the book to get me back promising that he had changed…. I have heard that so many times before and I told him I do not believe you. Of course he accuse me of having someone else which I’m not…. but he did not believe me he thinks everyone is like him who has to have someone or a couple of someones. It is just that I have peace now after living in hell for five years. I did not tell him and even though it’s been 8 months since I have been with him I have no desire or want to be with anyone right now. One day I hope that I will be able to open up and find a wonderful man to spend the rest of my life with…. but right now I have fear fear of men…. fear of hurt

  8. I would like to say, ” Hahahahaha!!!!! I knew you couldn’t maintain your facade forever. I knew it was only a matter of time before you ended up behind bars once again. How are you liking that jail cell? You piece of shit! I hope you rot there for the rest of your miserable life!”
    Oh sweet karma…

  9. No one but you, my former husband, has ever called me stupid. No one but you has ever called me vile names. No one but you has ever tried to intimidate me, or raped me, or repeatedly humiliated me, or committed financial abuse against me. You, the person I trusted with the rest of my life at age 60, betrayed me repeatedly, destroyed our marriage, and became a drunken sot who alienated our friends and ruined his own health. Your health issues made me a full time caregiver so that what little pleasure I had in my life with a narcissist was over. I was strong enough to get away from you, thank God, but I will despise you for the rest of my days.

  10. I was married to an N for 22 years – will never deny that I loved him but finally that crumb of self respect that still lived inside me said Get Out NOW! I took off and lost almost everything. But the best day of my life was a couple days after our house sold ( months after the divorce) he called to bitch at me about something again and I said We are divorced and we no longer own property together I no longer choose to speak with you. Very freeing! He also told everyone I was a lying cheating whore so I started saying to people You know what? Everything he says about me is true! One old friend kind of grinned and said then you must be having a hell of a good time! Even that made me laugh – the people who love me knew it was a lie and those who believed it did not matter.

  11. You have a good heart but a really sick mind. What a shame you didn’t get the help you needed and instead sought to destroy me. I’d never let it happen. You killed our marriage- the way your eyes went blank when I reminded you in your meltdown that we took vows!!!! Good luck without me. No apology can fix what you did to me. You broke every part of my life and then expected me to stay so you could watch me die, enjoying the fruit of your labor. I’m doing great now, my heart rate is healthy now and I’m ready for someone much better to come along.

  12. I’m glad I stopped you from hurting me or my daughter, as you have done with so many other people (I’ve seen it). I love you (sister) and miss the person you were two years ago.

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