Did The Narcissist Manipulate The Assessor?

Did The Narcissist Manipulate The Assessor?

I’m wondering if anyone on here has gone through an ugly custody battle that required a section 211 report? Was the narc able to manipulate the assessor into believing all the abuse (well documented abuse, police, mcfd, eye witnesses) was not a cause for concern and stated the victim was in fact the person with a personality disorder. What was your end result???

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  1. I would think generally the assessor can see through them. I had a GF that was going thru a custody battle. She dumped her kids and took off overseas indefinitely, then when she came back she decided she wanted them back. Her ex husband made her have a psych test, and she failed miserably. However she was also a sociopath, and fairly mental unstable. She used to write down and plan every email, text, meeting and conversation in order to manipulate things to how she wanted them to go. Ten years on, her male child has nothing to do with her, and her female child has learnt how to act from her mother. Its very hard to fight against liers, so keep every text, email, voicemail, even a diary. You shouldn’t have to prove yourself like this, but its the best way.

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