Convincing liar who has fooled professionals…

Convincing liar who has fooled professionals…

Hi there, I have a question for Michael please.  He has been diagnosed as a narcissist by professionals, I am wondering if this is due to him being so open and honest about his thoughts and feelings.  My ex partner and father of my daughter I believe without doubt to be a narcissist and it seems a possibility now that he may be evaluated.  However, he denies anything he has done, he believes I’m mentally ill and have made it all up, he is a very convincing liar and has fooled other professionals countless times.  Is it therefore possible he will also fool a physiologist?


Most true narcissists can easily manipulate a psychologist, therapist or similar.  We thrive off of the “game” of showing others how “brilliant” we are.

For me the therapists were a game, them verse me, and most of the time I would “win” and they would ask me to not come back.

Even if he is evaluated and comes back as one, that does not mean he will accept it nor does it mean he will want any help.  Most, deny it and refuse to believe there is anything wrong with them.

Remember, this is a disorder that has been instilled in them since 4-5 years old.  They know no other way of thinking or acting.

– Michael.

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  1. These type of partners will tell lies on you to you in your face they are the ones who make story’s up to excuse there own behaviour

  2. Finally got my husband to see a therapist. I was so hopeful to get strategies. After 30 minutes she told ME I was the abuser! He lied and got teary, it was awful. So useless.

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