Any tips on moving on?

Any tips on moving on?

I loved a woman who is without any doubt a narc.  She took my heart and broke it into tiny pieces.  I don’t know how to recover from this.  I did everything for her, whatever she wanted but it wasn’t enough.  Nothing ever will be.  If I did something she didn’t like I got the silent treatment.  Sometimes it went on for weeks until she decided she could talk to me again.  Like a fool I let her back in my life.  I loved her so much and was so glad she was talking to me again.  She never apologised cos she never did anything wrong.  Ignoring you must be one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to deal with, like I didn’t exist anymore, not to her anyway.  She critised my family and my friends to distance me from them.  They warned me about her from the start but I didn’t see it.  Eventually I saw the light and during her last silent treatment I realised I couldn’t do this any more.  It’s been over a year of no contact but it’s killing me.  Crazy?  Yes, I still love her but she’s no good for me.  I know I’ll never go back.  Any tips on moving on and forgetting?

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  1. I was with my narc on and off for 16 years..and since we’ve been done (2 years) is when I finally saw him for what he really is..we were on and off over and over..he left me and I’m really thankful for it..I was so blind I would have put up with it till I died..I am over him now..but unfortunately we have children together and my life has been hell..u can thank God u don’t have those ties with her..I realized that being aline is far better then feeling alone when I was with him..I don’t recommend getting into another relationship until u are healed. It’s not fair to yourself or the other person to bring old bagge into the relationship.. Only you will know when enough is enough.. Everyone told me to leave him,he was no good one could tell me..I had to learn for myself.. Try to find things u are interested in..try to find stuff that makes u happy.. Baby day at a time.. Mostly for me it’s one hour at a time.. Hope it gets better..I know exactly how u feel

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