Will I always be this way?

Will I always be this way?

I was in very bad dysfunctional narcissistic relationship, he was a pathological liar for years about every thing and any thing… He had a second life with another woman while living with me . He lied to the other woman and told her he was in Bosnia fighting the war while he was living with me helping with bills and playing house. I then found out he regularly visits escorts as well.

Well fast forward it’s been 2 years since the initial break up and 1 year since no contact.   I recently started seeing someone new and we have been spending a little bit more time together last night when we started to become a bit intimate I asked him to leave, I was having an anxiety attack and not just a small one but like full blown I needed to be by myself.  He was respectful and left.

Will I always be this way?  I am hurt and just want my life to be normal again, I want to be able to be open to love again.

2 thoughts on “Will I always be this way?

  1. You have to learn to trust again. Maybe explain yourself to him so he knows whats going on. He could calm you down during your anxiety and show you the real guy he is.

  2. Hi, you won’t always be that way, it took me four years to start trusting again, yeah I would talk to the guy and explain why you felt that way, it does get better and you come out the other side so much stronger, sending you healing wishes

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