Why does he blame me so much?

Why does he blame me so much?

They say actions speak louder than words .  But now I doubt actions as even they can be deceitful .. a person tells you they love you then says he only acted lovingly towards me because, “that’s what he does.”

I’ve been told I’m insecure and I cause him to walk around on egg shells, yet when I got called dopey because I make toasted sandwiches differently to him I got told he is only joking and I take things to heart too much.

What is happening as I’m confused as to what and why it was happening…  He is a nice guy so why does he blame me for so much?

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  1. You have my utmost sympathies, mine does this too. He once spent an hour berating me for locking the bathroom door, and when I finally broke down and started screaming and crying, he said ‘Where’s your sense of humor? I was only joking.’ It’s not you – it’s him.

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