Is he deliriously happy with her?

Is he deliriously happy with her?

What are the readers feelings on a narcopath who has left all 3 of his children’s mother’s, with a couple of relationships in between which he has finished, being able to settle down at all? I took the blame for my marriage breakdown because that’s what he told me and he has skipped into the sunset with my close friend. They have been together for more than 2yrs and have just bought a house together. I feel totally invalidated because of how I was treated in our relationship because he is deliriously happy with her. So many people have told me that it will unravel but it doesn’t appear to be and I’m now back to believing it must be me! I do know that I made plenty of mistakes in my marriage and he was good and kind a lot of the time but he was also aggressive and blamed me for everything that went wrong in his life! Has anyone had this experience?


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  1. I can’t comment from your perspective (or perhaps I can, I’ll come onto that).

    I’ve recently ended a 7 month relationship with an abuser, who says he left his wife if 31 years. I’ve strongly identified him as being a sociopath and feel very sorry for his wife. I won’t contact he soon to be ex-wife because I don’t want to upset her. I feel very sorry for her and their two children.

    My ex husband was a womaniser and abuser. I’ve been divorced from him for 15 years and he’s had a few short relationships. They don’t last long. And I think that’s the message I want to give you. However much the abuser “love bombs” his new lover, the mask slips periodically, betraying his Jekyll and Hyde personality, and the relationship invariably ends. Give him time, watch and wait and see…

  2. Any man who does that and any friend who does that, they deserve each other. Best to stop allowing arcissists into yiur life. Both he and the new one are terrible people. Sorry it happened to you and the kids, but please find a nice guy and good friends and leave them in the dust, they will eventually implode.

  3. They are actors. They are pretending to be happy. They pretended to be happy with us once, too, remember that. Once you read and understand a narcissist, you will understand that nothing they do or say is real. I understand being made to feel that everything was my fault. Now that I understand that is what they do, I refuse to accept the blame. Chin up, focus on moving forward and try not allow yourself to go backwards. What he’s doing with his next victim won’t last and in this case, because she was your friend, I do not feel sorry for her. She will learn in time. Find your self confidence and self worth. You didn’t deserve what he did to you and neither did the children.

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